Our cars, occupying an average space of one cubic meter, are only born after withstanding winds of up to 124 miles/hour (200 km/hour) at the world-class US$45 million wind tunnel. They are subjected to testing on 71 different road surfaces including general test road, Belgian road, low-friction road, dust tunnel, various condition road, hill road and high-speed track at our proving grounds (Namyang R&D Center, Hwaseong, Ulsan and California in US) that total 5,105 acres (20 million square meters), not to mention hundreds of other tests including a road simulator, electromagnetic wave test, heavy rain/snow tests, and high/low temperature tests that evaluate heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Performance & Functional Tests
  • Driving Tests

Aiming for zero air-resistance!

With a total investment of US$45 million, our aero acoustic wind tunnel is the only one of its kind in Korea and the largest in Asia. A giant propeller measuring 27.6 ft
(8.4 meters) in diameter generates winds of up to 124 miles/hour (200 km/hour). Along with heavy rain/snowfall testing sites and road simulator, we put our vehicles through a wide range of punishing tests to bring the safest and most comfortable innovative vehicles to the market.

Wind Tunnel Test

Our wind tunnel test facility perfectly recreates a scenario where cars must drive against wind. The facility measures wind resistance and noise. While the majority of international automakers possess wind tunnels that can only measure air flow and wind resistance, our facilities boast sound-absorbing walls to also assess aero acoustic noise. The wind tunnel is helping us to develop vehicles that can drive safely at high speeds, in cross winds with lower wind resistance and with reduced aero acoustic noise.

High/Low Temperature Test Chamber

The high and low temperature test chamber can recreate the same temperatures as the scorching Sahara desert or freezing Siberia tundra. The chamber conducts tests to satisfy customers who live in various parts of the globe.

Heavy Rain/Snowfall Test Chamber

The heavy rain/snowfall test chamber measures driving performance and endurance to ensure safe passageway in the worst weather conditions. Rain- and snow-making machines help us to create cars that offer customers safer and more comfortable modes of transportation.

Road Simulator

The road simulator tests safety when navigating rough roads and endurance for long-distance hauls.

EMC Test Chamber

The EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Chamber assesses the possibility of disturbances in electromagnetic waves, induction and audio reception when driving.

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