Only cars designed and built to understand people can prompt real satisfaction. They can make our hearts beat a little faster. They can fill the streets of the world with excitement. Kia Motors R&D Center creates vehicles that offer true interaction with people through human-friendly design and that feature thoughtful consideration for each of the 20,000 parts that go into a finished product
  • Engineering Design & Computer Aided Engineering
  • Chassis

The frame for all mechanical systems. Vehicle control technology to guarantee unrivalled driving experience and safety levels.

To satisfy diverse customer demands for exceptional riding comfort, driving performance and safety, Kia is developing chassis parts that combine cutting-edge materials and new technologies. Our chassis parts are subjected to high-tech virtual analysis and multiple tests to deliver superior performance and quality that demonstrate our accumulated experience and technology.

Chassis System


The suspension acts to mitigate any vibrations or shocks from the road while driving to provide a comfortable ride and ensure that the vehicle drives, brakes and turns according to the driver’s will by improving handling performance.


The steering system is directly controlled by the driver and acts as a two-way communication system between the driver and the vehicle. The system relays accurate information on the road to the driver, and the driver’s intention to the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to nimbly respond to the driver’s steering for optimal convenience and handling


Kinetic energy of the vehicle in motion is turned into heat energy via friction to reduce the speed of the vehicle or bring it to a stop. There are a growing number of applications of brakes connected to electronic systems to ensure greater safety. The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) improves braking safety while the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) enhances vehicle stability.

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