Among the more than 100 automakers in the world, we got off to a late start as the 90th company to venture into the market. Yet we managed to independently develop an engine, a feat only claimed by 12countries in the world. Kia Motors R&D Center received US$57 million in royalties from Mitsubishi and Chrysler for its world-renowned Theta engine. With numerous tests simulating different situations which may arise while on the roads, we are recognized for having the world’s best safety technology for enhanced driver and passenger protection.

Intelligent infotainment systems to fulfill every desire

Vehicles of the future will feature diverse electronic systems befitting the information age and offer greater safety features than ever before. Smart cars with infotainment systems will also offer the latest electronic technologies and equipment so that driving will be more comfortable and enjoyable as well as safer.

Expanded application of automotive electronics

A car embodies cutting-edge electric and electronic technology. While the ratio of costs for the electronics system parts of a car is currently 25%, this figure is expected to rise to 40% by 2015 in response to various legal requirements, next generation systems and customer demand.

Infotainment systems

The best known infotainment system today is telematics (telecommunications and informatics). Featuring a state-of-the-art communication terminal with built-in GPS that is connected to various other electronic devices in the car, the system offers a wide range of useful information and data to promote safer driving. Kia Motors became the first company in Korea to offer an integrated telematics system (Mozen) to enhance driving pleasure and convenience.

ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) system

ASV system is a key technology of our intelligent transportation systems (ITS) which integrate people, automobiles and roads to produce a smarter and safer driving experience

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