kia Character Enzy

Meet the Kia characters, Enzy in the Hood

Enzy in the Hood is the set of characters developed with motifs drawn from internal features of automobiles, designed to foster children’s interest and familiarity in cars. Please welcome the new crew!

Enzy in the Hood

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The Characters

Each character of the Enzy in the Hood reflects distinctive automotive, natural properties as well as Kia’s brand identity. We introduce to you, Enzy in the Hood.

Enzy : My name is Enzy. I represent engine and fire to deliver reliability to all the Kia family! I am good at making and handling fire because I have this gigantic red gloves! / RAZY : My name is Radiator. I am the wind and I am in charge of showing of distinctiveness of Kia Brand. I have special abilities to generate wind! / Aqu : My name is Aqu. I represent washer liquid in the car. I am very  watery (My name says it all!) I represent water and deliver vibrant essence  to all Kia Family. / Tory : I am Tory. I am the battery and in charge of recharging machines and generating electricity with my  hands. I make Kia Brand distinctive! / Laito : My name is Laito. I represent the headlamps. I can give out lights from my eyes. I represent the vibrant essence of Kia Brand!

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