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  • Sportspace (KED-11)

    Created for long distance driving, the SPORTSPACE has been designed for fast and efficient travel with maximum comfort and minimal stress, in the best grand touring tradition of the weekend getaway.

    Designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio, under the direction of Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe, the SPORTSPACE features a unique and captivating body shape. The car is born out of a commitment to provide stylish and exciting transportation for four which is also spacious and functional, without sacrificing the performance, sustainability and economy that Kia is known for.

    Recognisably a Kia due to its signature 'tiger nose' grille, finely judged proportions and simple, clean surfaces, SPORTSPACE has a bold, dynamic shape with real road presence. At the same time, it offers a high level of interior comfort and substantial practical load space.

    "We set out to design a car that is a totally new breed of grand tourer – one for active people who need reasonable cargo space on the weekend, but don't want to compromise moving around in style, comfort and with an element of sportiness," explains Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe.

  • Trail’ster

    "The Trail’ster concept is a near-future look at how the production Kia Soul would logically evolve into an AWD-capable version that's built to escape the city streets and roam into the mountain wilderness," said Tom Kearns, chief designer, Kia Design Center of America (KDCA). "It takes the go-anywhere capability of an SUV and reimagines it within a compact and sporty package with an expressive design to match."

    Underscoring Kia’s focus on all-wheel drive capability,
    the Trail’ster enables a wide array of mountain activities, from skiing and snowboarding to camping, hiking and mountain biking. Whether it's trekking up to a high, snowy summit or traipsing down a muddy fire road to a piney trailhead, the Trail’ster – thanks to a rear axle-mounted electric all-wheel-drive system – is all about surefootedness in the wild.

    The Trail’ster is primarily powered by a robust 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine outputting 185 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed automatic transmission, matched to an electric all-wheel-drive system on the rear axle intended for low-speed assist, enhanced launch acceleration and improved traction in inclement weather or off-road situations

  • KX3

    The KX3 concept blends an SUV silhouette with sporty looks, featuring a coupé-inspired glass area, small rear spoiler, gently rising belt-line and muscular wheel arches. Kia’s trademark ‘tiger-nose’ grille gets a new matte chrome-look surround, which sits below the concept’s wraparound LED headlights. The KX3’s high ground-clearance and chrome-look body cladding around the base hint at the concept’s four-wheel drive capabilities and on-road stability. The result is a stylish, athletic-looking compact SUV, promising both a high degree of practicality and a great drive.

    At 4,260 mm long, with a wide 1,765 mm body and generous 2,590 mm wheelbase, the KX3 concept ensures that passengers benefit from plenty of cabin space. The raised body, at 1,630 mm in height, offers a commanding view of the drive ahead – on- and off-road – while the concept’s large 400-liter cargo area is completely flat for added practicality.

    The KX3 concept is powered by Kia’s high-tech 1.6-liter turbo gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine, paired with an advanced seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), and offers motorists fun-to-drive handling characteristics. The four-wheel drive powertrain, backed up by the T-GDI engine’s strong performance and high fuel economy, lets drivers enjoy greater stability in all conditions.

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    GT4 Stinger

    Power, Poise and Proven Performance

    Beneath the low wedge of the GT4 Stinger’s hood resides a tuned version of Kia’s proven 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injected (T-GDI) four-cylinder engine putting out an impressive 315 horsepower.

    Simplicity By Design

    The latest iteration of the signature Kia grille rests low to the ground for maximum engine cooling and cold-air induction. The grille surround glows white and features a multi-layered, satin-black border,
    a theme found throughout the car. Flanking the grille on both sides are vertical LED headlamps, and front-brake cooling vents intricately molded into the bumper provide a clean, smooth appearance. A carbon fiber front splitter mounted below the bumper provides added down force for the car at high speed to keep the GT4 Stinger’s front tires firmly planted to the tarmac.

    The long hood gently rises to meet the cowl. Two chrome accent pieces add visual interest to the otherwise ripple-less pond of Ignition Yellow sheet metal. The hood closely embraces the front wheel arches, creating two protruding muscular fenders above the front tires. The result is a pronounced edge at the vehicle’s shoulders that eventually becomes the belt line.

    While there are currently no plans to bring the concept to production, Kia has a history of delivering production vehicles that bear a strong resemblance to the concept that preceded them, and the GT4 Stinger provides a possible and highly provocative glimpse into Kia’s future.

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    Born out of Kia’s determination to seek new compact-car options for the individualistic and demanding driver for whom size is an issue, the concept features intriguing elements not always associated with smaller cars and has been created in Europe with European tastes and expectations very much in mind.

    The Kia Niro hints at a possible future B-segment contender ready to take on the urban environment with style and tenacity, and previews an innovative new powertrain when it is revealed on 10 September. The car was designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio – less than a kilometre away from the IAA – under the direction of Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe.

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    CUB (KND-7)

    Designed at the Kia headquarters studio in Seoul, under the direction of President and Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the CUB is less than four meters long, has rearward-opening rear doors and an ’access-all-areas’ interior concept without traditional B-pillars, providing excellent access to the luxuriously trimmed cabin.

    With four individual seats, the CUB’s interior presents a unique ambience. The cabin creates the sensation of a luxurious coupe and is trimmed in black leather with yellow color accents around the seats, door armrests and steering wheel.

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    Provo (KED-9)

    The sleek, low, yet muscular coupe-style hatchback mixes a petrol-fuelled turbo-charged engine with clever regenerative-electric motors to bring a smart-hybrid solution to this fun-focused concept that points to Kia Motors’ future B-segment expansion plans.

    Created to deliver a new interpretation of the DNA from sporting coupes of the past with all the advantages of up-to-the-minute technology and materials, provo blends a clean, simple yet muscular exterior with a stunning interior treatment mixing high-tech and luxury materials that will set pulses racing whether on busy city streets or at the race-track.

    Moving inside, the Kia Europe Design team was able to let imaginations run free although in typical Kia fashion it delivers clear functionality with exuberant style – essential if provo is to go into production at some point in the future.

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    Cross GT

    Blurring the line between Kia’s gorgeous GT concept and a luxury CUV, Kia Motors America (KMA) today slipped the silk off the beautiful Cross GT concept at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Amid the popping strobes of cameras, the Cross GT stunned onlookers with its elegant yet powerful stance, confirming once again Kia’s now-well-established reputation for world-class design.

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    The bold attitude Kearns refers to starts with the eye-catching Whiteout and Inferno Orange paint scheme. While the white portrays complex layers and shades that contribute to dramatic depth, the orange is perfectly suited for racing. Kia’s signature grille features an air intake slit and is trimmed in lightweight carbon fiber. Smoothly integrated head lights sweep back suggestively over the sculpted front-wheel arches. The deeply recessed lenses echo the trapezoid themes found throughout the Track’ster and are accented with compelling LEDs.

    Most striking up front is the Track’ster’s lower intake grille. Flanked by immense LED driving lights with billet aluminum surrounds, the Track’ster is capable of swallowing prodigious amounts of air to keep the engine running cool even under the most grueling conditions. The lower valance, trimmed in carbon fiber and accented with Inferno Orange, rides just inches off the ground and lends to the car’s menacing stance.

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    Kia GT (KED-8)

    The Kia GT took center stage on Kia’s stand as Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer revealed the sleek and muscular four-door sports sedan with a rear-wheel drive layout – a first for Kia.

    The 4,690 mm long concept has the classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout of a high performance sedan which ensures very different proportions from a front-wheel drive car.

    The new concept allowed Kia to explore exciting new visual paths – with an extended bonnet, the front wheels pushed to the very front of the car, the cab-rearward stance with powerful rear shoulders and a truncated rear end. Beneath the extended bonnet, power is provided by a 3.3-liter turbocharged Lambda V6 GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine generating 395 ps and 54.4 kgfm of torque (534 Nm). The transmission is an eight-speed automatic.

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    Naimo (KND-6)

    Taking its name from the Korean word “Ne-mo”, (pronounced ’Neh-mo’, meaning ’square shape’), the Naimo electric crossover utility vehicle (CUV) was conceived by Kia’s international design team in Seoul, and is characterized principally by its simple lines and solid, muscular stance.

    The uncomplicated overall design is accentuated by a number of striking key details, such as the wraparound windscreen and asymmetric sunroof design, and the front and rear dot-style LED head- and positioning-lamps.

    This juxtaposition of simple and complex is a common trait of many traditional Korean arts and crafts. Asian Celadon-style pottery, in particular, was a major influence on the car’s styling – with the pottery’s asymmetric form lending itself to the sunroof design, and the typical jade coloring giving Naimo its unique exterior finish.

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    Conceived as a modern-day “activity van,” the KV7 concept challenges the notion that vans are strictly for family transportation and reveals a vision for a vehicle with the functionality to transport a large number of people and their belongings while also serving as a connected social hub for groups of friends and adventure-seekers.

    The KV7 concept’s design stands in sharp contrast to the dramatically raked windshields and wedge-shaped noses found throughout the van segment, and builds on the philosophy of “embracing the box” established by Kia’s funky Soul urban passenger vehicle to create a unique and alluring design language that brings SUV-like qualities to the segment.

    Exterior Dimensions

    Length: 191.85 in. (4873mm), Width: 80.0 in. (2033mm), Height: 68.1 in. (1729mm), Wheelbase: 122.0 in. (3100mm)

    Wheels & Tires

    Wheels: P255/45R20, Tires: 20-in.

    Driving Functions

    - New Theta II 2.0-liter GDI turbocharged engine
    - Up to 285 horsepower
    - Six-speed automatic transmission
    - V6-type power and performance while maximizing fuel efficiency

    Editor’s Note: *Miles per gallon statistic is an estimate only

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    POP (KED-7)

    Spotlighting Kia’s increasing focus on striking design and new technologies, the chrome-coloured, three-metre-long three-seater POP with its electric drivetrain, oblong-shaped side windows and front-hinged doors took centre stage on Kia’s Paris Show stand.

    Unconventional features of POP the striking side-window design, the high-tech feel of the dot-pattern head and taillights, back-lit front grille, rear-view cameras in each door, full-length glass roof, and the simplistic look of the wheels.

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    Ray (KCD-6)


    As the world demands more efficient vehicle designs that combine sophisticated and sleek lines with functionality and fuel economy, the Kia Ray concept is a bold new collaboration between design and engineering. Ray inventively showcases a futuristic four-seat compact sedan based on the Kia Forte platform and demonstrates a prospective plug-in hybrid vehicle configuration from Kia. Designed with light-weight and recycled materials, as well as hexagonal roof-top solar cells embedded in the glass roof panel that power extra lighting or climate control systems, the Kia Ray is the fifth vehicle from the Irvine Calif. - based Kia design Center America (KDCA) to be revealed in the last year.

    Striking Aircraft-Inspired Exterior Design

    EcoDynamics is the overarching design philosophy applied to make the Kia concept efficiently functional and striking in appearance. A lowered mono-volume shape and a strong, curvaceous silhouette give the Kia Ray concept better aerodynamic properties than taller profile hybrid vehicles. Strong and lightweight materials are used to support the EcoDynamics philosophy starting with a tabbed LED Kia badge covered with a single piece of glass that extends over the hood and another piece of glass that extends from the cowl of the windshield to the rear header to offer occupants a spacious, airy feeling.

    Light and Airy Interior

    Using the natural element of air as the design focus to convey a pure, refreshing, breathable and lightweight feeling. Ray’s interior is comprised of eco-friendly recycled materials in cool white tones to offer passengers a sense of crispness, while also reflecting the heat of the sun, keeping the temperature down and reducing the need of air conditioner use. Front and rear seats, mounted on side sills, create a floating effect with hollowed out elastomeric materials to support body weight, made of lightweight composite materials.


    The stylish, aerodynamic Ray combines design and engineering for maximum efficiency, incorporating clean, flush surfaces minimizing unnecessary edges, a flowing profile and pronounced rear shoulder ending in a slightly high deck lid for reduced drag, touch-screen controls, drive-by-wire steering, “cool-glazing” solar glass and a lithium-polymer battery – all possible indicators of future technology from Kia Motors. As a plug-in hybrid, Ray is designed to reach driving distances of more than 50 miles(80 kilometers) using its electric moter on a single charge, and has a fuel economy rating of more than 202 miles per gallon(85.9 kilometers per liter), and has a total range of 746 miles (1,200 kilometers).

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    Kia Nº 3 (KED-6)


    The car brings all the features and strengths of a highly versatile MPV into the urban compact class, combining up-to-date mobility with individual style. Kia Nº 3 excels, in particular, through its unique design language characterized by refreshing clarity and modern, youthful sportiness.


    - Compact sportiness combined with versatility and spaciousness creates a unique interaction and a truly innovative style in Kia Nº 3. The new concept car establishes the image of the brand and Kia's new design philosophy that will extend beyond the segment of compact cars. The fresh 'face' of the brand is clearly characterized by the proportions of three crucial elements and the relationship between them - the new radiator grille, extra-large headlights, and brand logo placed precisely on the centre-line, create a new 'constellation' that will also be highlighted on Kia's future models.

    - The highlights of the car's exterior design - modern style, individual character, sporty performance, and unparalleled diversity - also characterize the interior, taking up and repeating the contrast of high-gloss white and black surfaces. Kia Nº 3 clearly demonstrates the highlights of Kia's future in interior design, with the focus on sophisticated materials, top-quality finish, stylish features, and the most advanced IT technology - all combined with a contemporary lifestyle feeling.


    - Kia Nº 3's long wheelbase (2615 mm) and short overhangs front and rear, together with generous height (1600 mm) and width (1760 mm), provide all the features and qualities typical of an MPV. Extra comfort and space, plus the economic use of the available space are ensured by the ergonomically ideal, slightly elevated seating position. The split rear seats are adjustable independently, with sliding and folding functions.

    - An extra-large panorama glass roof extends directly out of the windscreen and stretches all the way to the rear spoiler. The result is not only excellent all-round visibility, but also a truly generous feeling of interior space. A diagonally arranged roofbar barely breaks the elegant, seemingly uninterrupted flow of the tinted glass surface.

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    Soul'ster (KCD-5)


    Soul'ster is a two-door concept with roadster roots. Soul'ster delivers something new, intriguing and relevant to today's buyers - a fun, affordable convertible for active people who like to share good times with friends. Defying categorization and providing utility and practicality, the Soul'ster exhibits distinctive design cues and satisfies multiple consumer needs.


    Along with a brightly colored "Soul'r yellow" finish, the Soul'ster projects a hip industrial look with screw borders, reminiscent of a rivet design found on a fighter jet. The windshield is shortened for a sportier and hunkered down appearance. A two-piece top enables passengers to expose the front and back seating areas independently. The roll bar serves a dual purpose and includes a place for the slider tracks, while providing protection not found in traditional convertibles. With a unique face, Soul'ster has a tough but refined character. The toughness is expressed through details like the anodized skid-pad insert, which matches the fender vents, roll bar header and wheels.


    The surprisingly flexible Soul'ster provides real seating for two in the front with comfortable space for two more adults in the back. Fold-flat passenger and rear seats combined with ample headroom make this the perfect car for social outings outdoors and on the beach with friends. Making basic features hot, its crank-up windows are a purposefully key interior design element as are the dashboard-integrated audio speakers. Adding to the edgy design scheme, the non-floor-mounted cantilevered seats project the illusion of being suspended in space when viewed from the side allowing for increased rear legroom. Storage compartments below each of the fold-flat rear seats, offer room for a myriad of cargo needs. In addition to the spacious cargo area, dual storage compartments can be found in the rear and underneath the cargo hold.


    Soul'ster offers an agile, smooth and spirited ride. A 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission, which produces approximately 120 horsepower. For those looking for a little more power, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is available with either the five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission, producing approximately 140 horsepower. Fuel economy for both engines is estimated at 30 or more miles per gallon. Other markets might choose the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine producing 124 horsepower or a 1.6-liter turbodiesel.

  • KED-5

    SOUL Diva Exterior

    The Kia SOUL Diva has been created as a fashion accessory for a style-conscious young-at-heart woman who regards her car to be as important as her entire outfit. SOUL Diva is like a supermodel with an aura of glamour, a bit flashy but playful and fun!

    SOUL Diva Interior

    Inside, SOUL Diva presents a black, white and gold world of leather and glitter - all beautifully and evenly lit by the full-length tinted glass panoramic roof. Turning the cabin into a stylish lounge, the seats are upholstered in glossy black imitation leather using 'quilted' stitching and trimmed to look like sofas. Even the cabin floor presents a tactile treat, with black long-pile 'Pony-hide' carpet that simply begs to be stroked.

    SOUL Burner Exterior

    1. The Kia SOUL Burner is the 'bad boy' of Kia's three new concept characters. A 'show-off' complete with dragon tattoos. From the outside, it is a mean, totally black beast with sparse flashes of scarlet. The tattoos are black gloss on the black satin paintwork, which shows a large dragon creeping over the bonnet. On the other side, a small dragon climbs up the C-Pillar.

    2. The front bumper is equipped with L-shaped day-light LED driving lamps around the outer edges. At the rear, two vertical exhaust pipes are placed at the extremes of the bumper.

    SOUL Burner Interior

    Inside SOUL Burner, the four individual sports seats and entire cabin trim are divided horizontally. Above the split, everything is finished in a rich matt red, below all is deep black.

    SOUL Searcher Exterior

    he Kia SOUL Searcher is the concept that provides a haven of tranquility within the urban jungle, a comfort-zone on four wheels. It sets out to capture the spirit of Korean and Far Eastern culture with a focus on achieving personal inner peace and creating a calm cocoon for the occupants. Exuding casual confidence, the colors are muted, the textures are soft and the road presence is discreet.

    SOUL Searcher Interior

    An old, lived-in, leather finish is applied to the bonnet, the powered, folding roof and tailgate panel, plus the dashboard, door panels and steering wheel rim. Inside, grey-beige felt is used to cover the floor and the seats for an ambience of comforting domesticity that banishes pandemonium.

  • KOUP (KCD-4)


    Combining youthful exuberance with a sporty and sleek design, the KOUP concept illustrates the shape and evolution of future Kia. The KOUP concept embodies Kia's philosophy of "Exciting and Enabling" with its balanced proportions and fluid design set to evoke an emotional driving experience. The simple yet bold and aggressive KOUP exterior is complemented by its realistic and sleek interior design.


    Conceived artfully and with graphic precision, the KOUP's interior hones in on the desires of auto enthusiasts from the inward lean of the dashboard and Supervision instrument panel, enhancing the performance-inspired driving experience to the custom-designed, race-inspired steering wheel in front of a three-gauge instrument cluster. Carbon fiber accents on the shifter plate and seat tilt-adjust mechanism reinforce sporty performance.


    Powered by a commanding 2.0-liter Theta II turbocharged engine producing 290 horsepower paired with a GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) twin scroll turbocharger for greater power and efficiency, the KOUP delivers astonishing torque of 289 lb-ft at a low 2,000 rpm sustained to 4,000 rpm. By injecting fuel directly into the cylinder under high pressure using the Kia GDI system, the intake charge is cooled and combustion behavior is improved. Improved combustion assures excellent fuel economy and low emissions. Lower grille openings enable additional air intake for extra power.

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    Kee (KED-4)


    Kee lays down very clear indications of how future Kia vehicles should look and displays elements that its creators will transfer to future Kia products. Presented as part of the strong frontal design with its distinctive headlamps and eye-catching LED cluster, the new style grille will become the new ’face of Kia’ across our product range.


    With its broad stance and low profile, Kee is a new interpretation of the 2+2 coupe, with a simple yet distinctive outline thanks to its long sweeping bonnet, slightly lengthened cabin with striking graphic treatment, sculpted flanks and strong swage lines.


    The design team has concentrated on producing a realistic sports coupe. Every element of its design is clear, easy to understand and to use. All the main controls are fly-by wire, but their feel in operation has been created to deliver a sense of traditional operation. For example, the toggle switches mounted on the dashboard - echoing the DNA of generations of sports cars - let you navigate intuitively through the interface menu of the info-media center.

    Technical specifications

    - Length : 4325 mm - Width : 1860 mm - Height : 1315 mm - Wheelbase : 2675 mm - Tyre size : 245/40 R20 - Engine : V6 2.7-litre MUE-II - Maximum Power : 200 ps - Transmission : Six-speed automatic

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    The new SUV concept car projects a dynamic, powerful character and exudes a strong sense of individuality. The Luminous Green, three-door, 4466mm-long KND-4 gives a bold hint at how future Kia compact SUV models might look.

    Exterior Styling

    - The exterior styling of KND-4 is designed to appeal to consumers who crave freedom and an active lifestyle, while removing the traditional boundaries between urban and rural vehicles to create an SUV that looks great in any location. The sleek, rounded nose features LED headlights, while flared wheelarches wrap around large diameter 20-inch wheels and 245/40 R20 low-profile tyres, which appear to bulge out of the vehicle’s form.

    - The pronounced shoulder line, glass-house profile and sweeping C-pillar give a dynamic flare to KND-4. The full-width rear screen emphasises the interior volume and provides a simple contrast to the complex styling of the LED rear lamp clusters. Short overhangs and a high ground clearance ensure excellent off-road ability.

    Interior design

    - Designed to seat four people in individual seats, the KND-4’s interior is ’future-oriented’ with floor, dashboard and door trim panels in metallic finish, highlighted by indirect lighting that reflects in this metallic material and creates an exciting cabin ambience.

    - The interior is equipped with the most advanced IT technology available to present the driver with information from within and from outside the vehicle. Dominating the centre stack is a next generation AMOLED (Active-Matrix, Organic Light Emitting Diode) display screen which features an ultra-thin screen, ultra-wide viewing angle and ultra-high contrast. Controlled by multi-function buttons on the steering wheel, the KND-4 offers the driver both Bluetooth and Blu-ray (high density optical disc) technologies, plus a built-in hard disc for the audio player. Blu-ray can store 10 times the information of a regular DVD.


    - Size: 4,466X2,630X1,600 - Wheelbase: 2,630 - Tire : P245/50R20 - Engine : D2.2 VGT

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    ex_cee’d (KED-3)


    Kia ex_cee’d cabrio concept is based on a pre-production prototype of the new three-door cee’d Sporty Hatch (scheduled for production in December), the ex_cee’d has the same wheelbase, but features all-new exterior panels, sharing only the floor-pan and unseen components with the donor car, plus a powered folding fabric roof.


    With its slight wedge shape profile, muscular extended wings over 19-inch alloy wheels, and aggressive, dynamic front styling, the ex_cee’d has instantly found a form that stands out from the cabrio crowd. The cabrio concept is finished in ’meringue white’ exterior paint with a ’bitter chocolate’ fabric roof colours that are echoed by the interior’s two-tone leather.


    - Size : 4,250X1,740X1,425 - Wheelbase : 2,650mm - 19X9 inch alloy Wheels - Engine : D2.0 VGT

  • Kue (KCD-3)


    The Kia Kue employs a different approach to the crossover utility vehicle segment by taking elements of what makes a CUV to a new level, namely performance. Kue is designed first and foremost as a driver’s vehicle. While possessing SUV characteristics and capabilities, the Kia Kue focuses more on giving the driver an exhilarating driving experience on the way to the home improvement center than on how much it can haul.


    With its four wheels pushed to the corners and exterior skin tautly stretched over its underpinnings, the Kue sits powerful and poised. Draped muscular wheel flares play a nice contrast to crisp beveled sections found elsewhere on the body. Swept back headlights connect to the front grille to create a clean, aggressive down-road appearance. The side window shape flows effortlessly into the rear backlight where two centerline hinging doors open to access rear storage. A single side door that incorporates a negative skive shape opens scissor style for easy ingress and egress.


    Fitted with a 400-horsepower, DOHC, supercharged 4.6-liter V8 that twists out 400 lb-ft of torque, Kue is a true performance vehicle. Helping the driver harness all that power is a full-time all wheel drive system yielding predictable driving characteristics both on- and off-road. - Size: 4,724x1,929x1,600 - Wheelbase: 2,648mm - Tire :265/30 R19 tire - 19 x 9 inch alloy Wheels

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    pro_cee’d (KED-2)


    When Kia’s designers created the cee’d ’sporty hatch,’ they set out to maximise the differentiation between the five-door and three-door cee’d models as much as possible, without losing the family likeness.


    The same, but strikingly different. Consequently, the pro_cee’d actually looks very similar to Kia’s new cee’d ’sporty hatch’ model with its dynamic, muscular and masculine nature. The wheels are a two-part design, featuring five double-spokes arranged with a recessed black power-coated centre and brightly polished convex perimeter spokes. These dramatic wheels sport 265/30 R19 low profile tyres. Key attributes which the pro_cee’d and ’sporty hatch’ models will have in common include the lowered roof line (down by 25 mm compared to the five-door cee’d) and shallower side windows ringed in chrome trim that create a robustly sporty window graphic.


    Creating a strong ’performance’ feeling. The pro_cee’d interior is designed to accommodate four people and is trimmed to give a strong ’performance’ feeling with deeply matt surfaces. Like the exterior, the cab uses bright metal and dense matt black elements, but in the interior these appear to ’float’ amidst areas of contrasting leather trim.

  • cee’d (KED-1)


    cee'd points towards the future elements of Kia's evolving design language. A car designed in Europe, made in Europe, to fulfil 100% of European customer needs.


    - Exterior - flowing lines carried through strong forms. - Interior - creating a strong 'feeling of colour'


    - Size : 4,289X1,806X1,468 - 19X9 inch alloy Wheels - Wheelbase : 2,648mm - Tire : 265/30 R19 tire

  • Soul (KND-3)

    Exterior Features

    - Wrap-around “one-piece” windshield and windows - Automatic panoramic split-section sun/moon roof - Roof racks with rails - Front brush guard with integrated fog lamps - Side vents for cooling the engine compartment - Freestyle passenger doors, rear-hinged in back - Rear brush guard with integrated license plat

    Driving Functions

    - 2.0-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine - Front wheel drive (FWD) - Five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift - capability - Adaptive cruise control

    Interior Features

    - Premium audio system with speakers strategically located at the best positions to maximize audio performance and sound quality - Multimedia entertainment system - Notebook computer with a multi-purpose video game monitor housed in the glove compartment area · Rear video monitors that fold up and out airline style from the center console · Blue-tooth and MP3 technology as well as multiple USB ports, Wi-Fi and telematics - Upscale, limousine-style interior lighting surrounds both sun/moon roofs and door panels - Practical interior room and a reconfigurable cargo space with fold-flat rear seats

    Safety Features

    - High taillight placement leads to a contemporary look and safer visibility - Virtual B pillar created when freestyle doors close and interlock with roof and floor panels.

    Convenience Features

    - Power lift gate activated by the key fob - Rear lift gate includes a unique backpack compartment with a custom configuration option. It folds out like a mail slot for wet or muddy items such as a wetsuit or hiking shoes, or even a skateboard depending on its configuration.

  • Multi S (KND-2)


    - Multi-S is the new crossover concept car for both business use and leisure use. - The S in the Multi-S stands for Sporty, Spacey, and Smart.


    - Multi-S pursues a sporty image which also contains refined detail and moderate volumes in a stylish body. - The body image is modern, and the front styling line is dynamic and unique. It also has a simple and voluminous rear finish.


    - Size : 4,545X1,850X1,650mm - Engine : 2 liter turbo Disel engine - 19 inch alloy wheels - Tire : 245/45 R19 tire - Wheelbase 2,700mm

  • MESA (KCD-2)


    - State-of-the-art functionality - Focused on toughness


    - Bluetooth function - Frame type - LED search light - LED lamps - Independent bucket seats - Multi-function roof console (9" LCD monitor; Overhead vent)


    - Size : 4,800X1,976X1,819mm - Engine : V8 4.6 VVL - Wheelbase : 2,,947m - Tire : 305/45R22

  • Mojave (KCV-4)


    - Pursues utility with an ample trunk and a soft but bold style - Strong and simple design to meet the needs of North American customers - Design key words: Strong and simple, bold and voluminous, and high on personality


    - Temperate lines and side design as well as volume not found in traditional compact pickups - Variable deck can be moved toward the cabin to secure maximum loading space for long cargos

  • Kia Sport (KND-1)


    - Kia's first sporty hatchback concept car of European style - Appealing to young customers who persue an active life style


    - Dynamic & Sporty exterior - pursuing sleek, bold, sporty look


    - Size : 4,150X1,800X1,470mm - Tire : 245/45R 18 - Wheelbase : 2,500 mm - 5-speed automatic transmission - Engine : 2.0 T/C 200

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    - Next-generation compact convertible coupe - Fun to drive and modern sporty look (Key words: free style, multi, and peace) - Targeting Y-generation customers in their twenties to thirties


    - Dynamic and modern European image (powerful, sleek and edgy) - Bright key colors emphasize a high-class feeling and simplicity - Exterior: Voluminous body design - Front: A radiator grill suggesting an airplane’s air-intake - Side: Exceptional large wheel arch (asymmetric front and rear) - Back: Looks wider and more stable by giving a sense of volume to both sides and stresses simplicity - Interior: Free style with an asymmetric right and left structure


    - Size : 4,100X1,820X1,360mm - Engine : 2.0 DOHC 145 h.p. - Wheelbase 2,520mm - Tire: 245/40R20 (large-caliber tire)

  • KCD-1


    - Minivan of complex concept - Minivan’s utility + SUV style - Medium-sized passenger car platform base - Targeting young family customers in their thirties


    - Elegant, simple, sleek, clean and sporty - Low cowl dashboard - Interior design harmonizing an SUV’s tough image with a minivan’s body line - Center-fascia mounted TGS knobs - Exterior design featuring right-left symmetric doors (B Pillar-less doors) - Seats with thin furniture feel


    - Size: 4,500 x 1,840 x 1,600 mm - Engine: 2.7 V6 - Wheelbase: 2,850 mm - Tire: 235/45R19 Sports Tire




Kia Sorento

“Highest Ranked Midsize SUV in Initial Quality in the U.S.”
- The Kia Sorento received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles among midsize suvs in the proprietary J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Initial Quality Study.SM Study based on responses from 84,367 new-vehicle owners, measuring 244 models and measures opinions after 90 days of ownership.  Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed in February-May 2015.  Your experiences may vary.  Visit

Kia Soul

“Highest Ranked Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle in Initial Quality in the U.S.”
- The Kia Soul received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles among compact multi-purpose vehicles in the proprietary J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Initial Quality Study.SM Study based on responses from 84,367 new-vehicle owners, measuring 244 models and measures opinions after 90 days of ownership.  Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed in February-May 2015.  Your experiences may vary.  Visit

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