After-sales Services Spirit

Kia “Family-like Care” Service To compete in this intense global auto market today, Kia has been trying to give our customers exceptional satisfaction by delivering our after-sales service spirit, “Family-like Care”. This Family –like Care promotion video shows you what Family-like Care truly means, and how Kia Service staffs are carrying out this spirit all over the world.

Kia Motors has been steadfastly pursuing a customer-first strategy of service based on trust and responsibility. The company is offering customers around the world a consistent level of service based on its ‘Family-like Care’ service philosophy.

  • So what exactly is ‘Family-like Care’ service?
    It is our commitment and promise to all Kia customers to pursue:
  • 1) Thoughtful service just like I treat my own family
    2) Emotional service that comes from the heart
    3) Trustworthy service to create life-long customers
  • In sum, we have developed a service identity unique to Kia in order
    to provide customers with the same level of dedication, care and
    dependability that is given to family members.

Currently, the worldwide Kia service network is pursuing an innovative campaign called ‘Family-like Care’ to realize unrivalled customer service and satisfaction.

Through the campaign, Kia employees around the world will serve customers under the following guidelines:

1) Treat customers as family members
2) Carry out your responsibilities to the fullest
3) Provide exceptional service

Customers around the world will be able to experience Kia’s personable and considerate service through the ‘Family-Like Care’ campaign at all Kia service network points.
We hope you get a chance to experience the new and improved Kia-brand of service at your nearest dealer!

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