Kia Motors R&D Center creates vehicles that offer true interaction with people through human-friendly design and that feature thoughtful consideration for each of the 20,000 parts that go into a finished product.

Digital design that breathes life into the vehicles of dreams

Models created in a digital world are put through a simulation analysis test and installation evaluation through auto simulation and a 3-D digital design process to review possible problems in advance. This process greatly optimizes engineering design and minimizes development times.

01 Front-wheel suspension, 02 Rear-wheel suspension

The frame for all mechanical systems. Vehicle control technology to guarantee unrivalled driving experience and safety levels.

To satisfy diverse customer demands for exceptional riding comfort, driving performance and safety, Kia is developing chassis parts that combine cutting-edge materials and new technologies. Our chassis parts are subjected to high-tech virtual analysis and multiple tests to deliver superior performance and quality that demonstrate our accumulated experience and technology.

03 Steering, 04 Brake

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Kia Motors R&D Center received US$57 million in royalties from Mitsubishi and Chrysler for its world -renowned Theta engine.

Power and innovation

The Powertrain R&D Center develops the heart of all motor vehicles, from compact cars to luxury sedans and commercial vehicles. The Center researches and develops engines, transmissions and eco-friendly exhaust systems. With our full line-up of proprietary technologies, we are creating industry-leading powertrains recognized all over the world.

Intelligent infotainment systems to fulfill every desire

Vehicles of the future will feature diverse electronic systems befitting the information age and offer greater safety features than ever before. Smart cars with infotainment systems will also offer the latest electronic technologies and equipment so that driving will be more comfortable and enjoyable as well as safer.

Safety always comes first

Advanced technology to protect the driver and passengers on all roads and under all circumstances. Kia Motors R&D Center is a world leader in developing tests and cutting-edge technology such as ABS, EBD and VDC that safely protect people from any situation that may occur on the road.

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Our cars, occupying an average space of one cubic meter, are only born after withstanding winds of up to 124 miles/hour (200 km/hour) at the world-class US$45 million wind tunnel.

Performance & functional tests aiming for zero air-resistance!

With a total investment of US$45 million, our aero acoustic wind tunnel is the only one of its kind in Korea and the largest in Asia. A giant propeller measuring 27.6 ft (8.4 meters) in diameter generates winds of up to 124 miles/hour (200 km/hour).

Along with heavy rain/snowfall testing sites and road simulator, we put our vehicles through a wide range of punishing tests to bring the safest and most comfortable innovative vehicles to the market.

Test driving across an area more than the size of 3,500 soccer fields

Our proving grounds cover a total area of 5105 acres (20 million square meters) and are located in Namyang R&D Center, Hwasung and Ulsan in Korea, in addition to the 4329 acres (17.52 million square meters) proving ground in California’s Mohave Desert. Vehicles are put through an exhausting array of tests at various speeds and under diverse road conditions.

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