In 2011, Kia Motors established a global social outreach value system and organized an enterprise-wide organizational scheme that integrates domestic and overseas social outreach programs. Kia’s global social outreach programs, will focus on those areas in which we excel and make a real difference. We hope the Kia logo will come to be associated not only with our vehicles but with the social outreach activities, our employees, volunteers, and partner NGOs carry out in all corners of the globe.

Social Outreach Value System

Fulfilling social responsibility and embracing new challenges to contribute to the making of a better world
Shared Value
Mobility Challenge
Equal Opportunity
Respect for Diversity

Global Social Outreach Scheme

Social outreach activities, which had been carried out separately by corporate headquarters and by individual domestic and overseas regional offices and worksites, were brought together under a single name—Kia—through the establishment of a global social outreach value system in 2011. In order to accomplish the mission of 'fulfilling corporate social responsibility and embracing new challenges to contribute to the making of a better world,' we designated mobility and challenge as the key principles and diversity, self-realization, and equal opportunity as the values we must share. The principle of 'mobility' stands for our desire as a car manufacturer to realize universal mobility, while the principle of 'challenge' represents our corporate identity that is characterized by a can-do attitude toward challenges. We will also reinforce the enterprise-wide organizational scheme for the execution of social outreach programs and activities.

CSR Roadmap

2008 Internalization of Organizational CSR Culture, Stabilization of Global CSR Scheme 2009 Strengthening of CSR Implementation Scheme:Establishment of CSR AssessmentSystem and Global Social Outreach Values Scheme 2011 Promotion of Global CSR: Full-on Implementation of Global Projects 2012 Enactment of Social Responsibility Charter 2013~14 Launch of flagship CSR Projects – Global (GLP), Domestic (Green Trip) 2015~16 Declaration of CSR Commitment and Establishment of CSR Committee

Global Social Outreach Blueprint

Kia Motor’s social outreach scheme is comprised of flagship programs aimed at realizing universal mobility, local programs designed to resolve specific local issues, and a set number of annual programs. All social outreach programs will be founded on employee participation, moving beyond mere giving to embodying genuine engagement. The global flagship programs will be aimed at enhancing the mobility of those individuals and communities that are transportation-disadvantaged. In 2012, pilot programs will be launched in Korea and Africa by corporate headquarters. Starting in 2013, the five main overseas subsidiaries (Kia Motors America, Kia Motors Europe Headquarters, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Slovakia plant, China plants 1,2) will join this global undertaking, and by 2015, all regional offices and main dealerships will be involved in Kia’s global flagship programs. Local programs will be designed to meet particular local needs in key areas in Korea, Europe, China, and North America. They will thus enable us to contribute to resolving local challenges and winning stakeholder trust.

Kia Motors supports the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The eight MDGs are listed below with corresponding icons. Each of Kia Motors’ social outreach activities are marked with relevant icon(s) to indicate which MDG(s) it is helping to realize.