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Power your drive

Power your drive

Enhanced power, with added luxury. Feel the adrenaline in the newly upgraded 7-seater SUV.

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    360° VR

    Snow White Pearl Silky Silver Platinum Graphite Imperial Bronze Sunset Red Metal Stream Aurora Black Pearl

    Snow White Pearl

    • MAX POWER(PS/RPM) 200ps @ 3,800rpm
    • Warranty 5 Year Mileage Warranty
      10 Year Engine Warranty


    Life turns a corner and confidence arrives on cue

    With a more commanding presence and enhanced smart features, the Kia Sorento stands out among today's SUVs. It meets your need for space and taste for sophistication, delivering moments on the road you can savour.

    Be right where you want to be

    The Kia Sorento takes you to exciting places, with improved cabin space, seating for seven and a host of advanced technological features.

    Award winning design

    We’re not the only ones who think the Sorento offers stylish design. It's been awarded a 2015 iF design award, as well as an Honourable mention in design award by International design committee, Red Dot.


    Surround yourself with intelligent contours

    The wraparound form of the Sorento cockpit engages you from the start, as you take in the sculpted door garnishes that flow organically into the front safety mouldings. Functional elements such as the side air vent controls and the lower controls of the centre fascia offer useful engagement.


    The power you desire and the efficiency you respect

    The diesel engine in the Sorento offers enjoyable mid- and low-range torque for a smooth yet powerful drive. Its superior fuel economy is aided by a precise 6-speed transmission.


    We've given the unthinkable quite a bit of thought

    Feel protected inside the Sorento cabin, where you are surrounded by a safety cage design fortified with ultra-high-tension steel and a 6-airbag SRS system. Thoroughly tested in countless crash simulations and actual collision tests, the Sorento puts occupant safety above all else.

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