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The new kia cee'd

Live more life.

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Live more life.

A brand new design, superior comfort and innovative technologies – get the most out of life with the new Kia cee'd. Take a 360° tour and see for yourself.

Design for life.

The stunning cee'd 5-door hatchback is a terrific fusion of beauty and functionality – ingeniously conceived in every respect by Kia’s award-winning design team led by Chief Designer Peter Schreyer.

The finished result reflects all of this leading expertise: with its meticulous attention to aesthetic prowess and acute awareness of everyday usability hanging in perfect balance.

The cee'd has a completely new concept, born and bred in Europe with the tastes and needs of European drivers and passengers in mind. This design will give you all you want and get you noticed for all the right reasons.


Cutting-edge in every sense.

With its low stance, long wheel base and short overhangs, the new cee'd hatchback exterior has all the hallmarks of a sporty coupé – including superb aerodynamics proven by measurable drag reduction.

We’ve kept the underfloor cover as flat as possible, extended the rear spoiler and introduced a new “character line” on the rear combi lamps. These are just some examples of the special design features aimed specifically at improving drag. And all this focus on aerodynamics has certainly paid off, as shown in the results of 100 hours of wind tunnel testing.


Stand out from the crowd.

Different from all the rest – that’s a sign of good design in our book. That’s why we’ve distinguished the sleek lines and sophis- ticated surfaces of the new Kia cee'd even more with some really striking features.

Take its wedge-shape profile complete with a strong shoulder line and muscular bonnet. Or the striking LED lights at both the front and rear. And there’s certainly no overlooking the distinctive, newly evolved Kia grille.

In fact, it’s all part of the new Kia cee'd signature look designed in Europe. Eye-catching details that will grab your attention and keep your attraction.


Introducing feel-good design.

Sit back and take it all in: The ergonomics and elegance inside the cee'd are bound to send your pulse racing – thanks to the undeniably premium feel reflected in every single detail.

The touch-me quality of the surfaces and fabrics and the superior craftsmanship of all the fittings are the work of a dedicated interior design team with European tastes in mind.

Gorgeous design highlights abound here, like the striking asymmetric one-piece front fascia, the stylish instrument panel, sweeping “vertical fin” door handles and extra-comfortable seats, to name just a few labours of love.


Space without compromise.

It might be a driver’s car at heart, but the new Kia cee'd is designed with a deceptively spacious interior to accommodate all passengers comfortably – with plenty of legroom and elbowroom for everyone.

This freedom of movement in all five seats owes much to the smart use of space that in-cludes height-adjustable, ergonomic seats and even a tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustment dedicated to ensuring the most comfortable driving experience possible. Open up the panoramic sunroof and the sensation of airy spaciousness is complete!


No hassle, just happiness.

We believe driving should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve kitted out the new Kia cee'd with a host of clever technologies that do the hard work for you.

The smart park assist system (SPAS) is a prime example here, making parallel parking nearly effortless. It’s clear inside that the cee'd takes your convenience seriously. Just take a look at the driver-focused cockpit – offering intuitive usability at your fingertips, right down to the tiniest details such as the customisable font size of the speedo numbers. You name it, we’ve thought of it!


Your 4-wheeled comfort zone.

Often it’s the little things that make all the difference. We’ve put plenty of thought into little pleasures here to give you a level of comfort you will notice – in both the driver and passenger seats.

The list is long, in fact. Just some of the features designed for your general well-being include the heated steering wheel, the power-assisted driver seat with memory function, advanced climate control and excellent noise, vibration and harshness levels for a quiet life.

If a touch of music is in order, there’s an endless choice on offer thanks to the radio CD player with USB and AUX outlets for portable devices.


Ready for big plans.

From shopping trips with bulky loads to family holidays with more luggage than you actually need – sometimes extra space is essential. The new Kia cee'd is built to be as versatile as your lifestyle.

It is fitted with invaluable 60:40 split rear seats for all eventualities and ample boot space, giving you the freedom to transport what you want, when you want. Of course, that’s also thanks to its remarkable 380-litre capacity – and there’s even practical hooks and nets to keep your belongings safely secured.


Driving pleasure, made to measure.

Fuel indicator

Ecological. Economical.

Familiar with the term “win-win” situation? Here’s a good example for you: Fuel Economy. It’s all aimed at saving our planet with lower emissions – and saving you money at the same time. We’ve invested in green technologies focused on reducing fuel consumption to maximise these benefits, starting by decreasing weight and friction on all engine types for greater fuel efficiency.

Our diesel engine with EcoDynamics™ technology leads the way with CO2 emission levels of 97g/km – one of the lowest of any non-electric car in the compact car segment. You also have the added option of an EcoDynamics™ pack with your Kia cee'd featuring innovative ISG (Start/Stop) technology.


A powerful proposition.

It's your choice! A range of four powerful and efficient engines provides the desired get-up-and-go – with modern gasoline and diesel technology plus the option of direct injection to maximise power.

Two petrol and two diesel engines offer power outputs covering the entire range from 90 to 135 PS. Each of these variants also comes with a choice of manual or automatic six-speed transmissions. To increase fuel efficiency, all engines feature innovative weight-reducing measures and ISG (Start/Stop) technology, which means the engine will automatically switch off whenever the car is idle.


The best of both worlds.

There are clear advantages to both manual and automatic transmissions. We’ve got some good news for you and it’s called dual-clutch transmission, featured in the new Kia cee'd.

It lets you combine a more agile and sporty style of driving – on a Sunday cruise in the country, say – with a more economical mode of driving for those short routine trips back and forth.

Whatever you opt for, you can look forward to some marvellous handling thanks to a new and superior front and rear suspension complete with geometric fine-tuning. That’s the cee'd enjoyment factor!

Safety first, every time.

Xenon lights

The bright side of driving.

Nighttime, especially in bad weather conditions, can pose extra hazards for motorists on the road. Our Xenon headlights are specifically designed to minimise these potential risks.

More intelligent than your average headlamps, the Xenon headlights feature adaptive forward lighting that follows your steering movements and shines a brighter light into corners as you steer into them. The result: enhanced visibility right ahead of you where it really matters, for a safer night’s drive.


Expect the unexpected.

We’re in the business of transporting the most precious cargo there is – you and your passengers. That’s why we’re so committed to doing everything we can to make every journey a safe journey.

Just some of our active safety technologies in the new Kia cee'd include a vehicle stability management system with state-of-the-art lane departure warning, plus steering torque to help you stay in control in difficult road conditions, and hill assist control when you start the engine on steep inclines. For added peace of mind, we’ve also worked hard on ABS logic tuning to achieve superb braking distances.


In safe hands.

Your safety is our number one priority. We’ve acted on this commitment, kitting out the new Kia cee'd 5-door hatchback with a host of advanced safety technologies to ensure maximum protection for all occupants and other road users.

The overall structural build quality of the new Kia cee'd has been fully developed, targeted at obtaining the maximum EuroNCAP safety rating and nothing less. It has been given a completely new body panel design with fully interconnected body torsion parts made from hightensile steel for increased stability, 45% more stiffness and greater shock-absorbance – to achieve the highest possible level of safety for you and your passengers.

One less worry.

Imagine: one major thing less to worry about for the next seven years of your life. That’s just what we’re offering with our industry-leading warranty for the new Kia cee'd.

It gives you bumper-to-bumper coverage for absolute peace of mind. Why such a great offer? Because the cee'd is built to last and tested to the highest standards of reliability and durability. So although you’re covered by the warranty, it’s quite possible you’ll never have to use it. It is even fully transferable to any subsequent owner while still valid, letting you maximising your car’s resale value if you come to sell it.



The new Kia cee'd celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.
Drive off on a special date with a difference that will make your pulse race.

The Kia cee'd 5-door.

The new Kia cee'd 5-door combines sleek styling with the space and functionality of a five-door hatch.

The stunning exterior design immediately gets your attention, with details like chrome framed windows and muscular lines on the bonnet. Complemented by an ergonomic, driver-oriented control panel and refined interior, with a strong focus on quality of materials.

This technically sophisticated and highly competitive C-segment entry comes with superior comfort features and Kia's industry-leading 7-Year Warranty.


The Kia cee'd wagon.

The well-equipped alternative for your family life, work life, social life – all of life! Complete with an evolved design, modern technologies and a superb level of quality.

The cee'd wagon gives you the freedom to transport what you want, when you want – with flexible seating and ample cargo capacity. In fact it has practicality written all over it, with clever details aimed at making life as comfortable as possible. And as carefree – thanks to excellent safety standards and a 7-year warranty.


The Kia cee'd 3-door.

2013 will see the finishing touch to the cee’d family – with the arrival of the Kia cee’d 3-door.

You can look forward to some even sportier looks. With its lower roofline and long wheel-base, it is set to bring an ultra-stylish and dynamic character all of its own to the range. On top it is fully equipped throughout with the same high standards of comfort, performance and safety as its siblings.