Chief Design Officer - Design makes a brand

Design gives a soul to the product and reaches to the heart of people. When brands make this emotional connection with people they transcend ordinary brands.

Meet Peter Schreyer

As Kia Motors set out on a path to create more dynamic and innovative designs, we hired world-renowned designer Peter Schreyer who is revolutionizing Kia's design language and improving the value of our product offerings.
As our Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer is putting an exclamation point on the essence of the Kia brand and is acting as the messenger between Kia Motors and our customer's around the world.

Peter Schreyer Design Track Record

This latest appointment is the newest stage in a highly successful career that has seen Peter Schreyer become one of the automotive industry's most respected authorities on product design. As Audi's chief designer between 1994 and 2002, he was credited with revamping the Audi brand with a number of revolutionary new auto designs. From 2002 to 2005, he was the Chief Designer for Volkswagen and since 2005 has been the head of advanced design for the Volkswagen group, earning critical acclaim for several crucial product launches, featuring a range of unique design concepts. Peter Schreyer's outstanding creative work has led to many national and international awards, including the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and the world famous red dot award. He has also won the German National Design Award several times for helping propel the German auto industry in new directions with his sporty and innovative designs.