KIA Motors Corporation

Kia is part of a dynamic, strong and modern global group that, in close cooperation with the Hyundai Motor Corporation, manufactures more than three million cars each year. These numbers have already placed the group company in the top 10 and it is well on its way to being one of the top 5 largest car manufacturers in the world! KIA Motors Corporation As one of the few South-Korean manufacturers, Kia boasts a history that goes back more than fifty years. Following the production of bicycles and motorbikes, it first started producing cars in the nineteen seventies. Developments then followed in rapid succession, resulting in the broad range of models that is on the market today. Concept Cars This is not all, as is witnessed by the multitude of activities on the agenda for the near future. In addition to lots of new models, Kia regularly presents concept cars. These cars give a great impression of what Kia has in store for the future. Plants Kia Motors employs more than 30,000 people who work in three modern plants in South Korea. The Hwasung Plant is the biggest plant, with a production capacity of some 600,000 cars per year. The Sohari Plant is Kia’s first plant, and manufactures 340,000 cars per year. Kia’s company cars are manufactured in the Kwangju Plant. A total of 220,000 cars leave the plant here. For more information, please go to New KIA plant in Europe KIA invested one billion euros in the construction of a brand-new construction site in Zilina, Slovakia. The construction of this plant, which only builds Kia models, was started in April 2004 and became operational at the end of 2006. The final aim is to manufacture some 200,000 cars per year. This is the first large KIA plant on European soil. It is the definitive link of the brand with our continent, building cars according to the highest European quality standards. This new production unit will not only set the tone with new standards on efficiency and productivity, but will consequently also respect the strictest environmental standards in the European Union. Since quality is a top priority for KIA, 1 in every 15 employees is responsible for quality control. The Zilina currently employs 1,200 of the very best specialists in car assembly. This number is expected to rise to 3,000 by 2009. New European headquarters On 10 September 2007 KIA Motors Europe, KIA’s European headquarters, moved to a brand-new building in Frankfurt, Germany. The location is more than symbolic, being just a few steps from the exhibition halls where the biannual Frankfurt Autosalon is held. This is one of the most important car exhibitions in the world, and still the exhibition where car manufacturers pull out all the stops with their latest models. KIA’s emergence in Germany, an extremely demanding car country, has been as distinguished as it has been elsewhere. It is testimony to the quality of the KIA range, perfectly adjusted to the expectations of the European consumer. The eleven-story building will accommodate 350 central services staff working at KIA’s European headquarters. Kia and Sport Kia is constantly reinforcing it’s brand image and awareness through sponsorship partnerships with global sporting events and personalities. Kia is an official partner of both UEFA and FIFA and is a sponsor of both Euro 2012 and the World Cup 2014. The company is also the major sponsor of the Australian Open and will remain so until 2013. Kia is also a sponsor of the Davis Cup and has reinforced it’s commitment to tennis by adopting tennis star Rafael Nadal currently as global brand ambassador. Kia has upgraded its presenting sponsor status of the X Games Asia, one of the world’s signature action sports competitions, to title sponsor and the event has been rebranded as ‘Kia X Games Asia’. In the US has recently announced a multi-tiered basketball marketing program in the U.S. that includes the sponsorship of nine NBA teams.