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Talent might be hard to find, but with the Kia Rio you know you've found it. A car that's gifted both in and out.

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  • VR_Rio-5door_UD_001 
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  • VR_Rio-5door_UD_058 
  • VR_Rio-5door_UD_059 
  • VR_Rio-5door_UD_060 
White #ffffffImages/360vr/01_SWP_L/
Bright Silver #96999EImages/360vr/02_3D_L/
Fresh Beige #b2ad99Images/360vr/02_3D_L/
Signal Red #ab332fImages/360vr/02_3D_L/
Wendy Brown #735d4bImages/360vr/02_3D_L/
Electronic Blue #4f609fImages/360vr/02_3D_L/
Formal Deep Blue #4f609fImages/360vr/02_3D_L/
Platinum Graphite #323437Images/360vr/02_3D_L/
Aurora Black #222222Images/360vr/02_3D_L/
  • Options might differ by regions.
  • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.


  • performance engine rio 
  • performance AT rio 
    Automatic Transmission
    Provides smooth shifting and outstanding fuel economy for a satisfying drive
  • performance key  
    Smart Key
    A neat, compact device that locks and unlocks the Rio with a simple touch of a button.


  • safety abs 
    EBD / ABS
    If you have to brake and swerve suddenly, EBD / ABS applies the correct amount of brake pressure to each individual wheel so that you maintain control.
  • safety back warning 
    Back warning system
    When reversing into a parking space, an alert sounds if you get too close to other cars or obstacles.


Kia Rio 5-door Specifications Dimension
Overall length 4,045 Wheeltread (rear) 1,525 Head room (front) 1,015
Overall width 1,720 Overhang (front) 805 Head room (rear) 960
Overall height 1,455 Overhang (rear) 670 Shoulder room (front) 1,350
Wheelbase 2,570 Leg room (front) 1,112 Shoulder room (rear) 1,324
Wheeltread (front) 1,521 Leg room (rear) 790 Min. ground clearance 140

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

new rio exterior 7

new rio exterior 8

The talented compact car

There’s no shortage on talent when it comes to the new Kia Rio. This sporty compact with upgraded efficiency boasts a lower emissions rating than ever before. And with detail given to its design as well, the new Kia Rio is more dynamic and sleeker than ever, making it as pretty on the outside as it is smart on the inside. Now that’s talent.

new rio exterior

Talent that lasts

In an urban setting, style is key. And the sporty Rio is sure to turn heads with its new upgraded dynamic design. The compact car, is now forever reinvented.

new rio exterior 9

A personality that's sure to attract

Emanating flair from every angle, the Rio’s low, wide stance and short overhangs give it a strong, youthful identity all of its own.

new rio exterior 17

The ideal urban accessory

A popular restaurant, a cool coffee shop, a special meeting place. Your favorite venues soon become part of your life. And so does the Rio, putting a smile on your face as it whisks you off around town. Proof that talent can take you anywhere.

new rio exterior 20

Load up on adventure

One lift of the Rio’s tailgate and you'll already start anticipating the places you can go. With 288 cubic liters of luggage space, Rio is the ideal partner for active lifestyles.

new rio exterior 6

The choice of talent is yours

A daily commuter, a weekend warrior, a fashion trendsetter. No matter who you are or where you’re going, there’s a Rio that is sure to bring out your very best. There’s no longer a need to compromise on style when searching for that perfect combination of comfort, economy and functionality.

Kia Rio 5-door Exterior LED side repeaters_

LED side repeaters

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Kia Rio 5-door Interior The intelligent use of space R_

The intelligent use of space

When something’s compact, you do as much with the available space as possible. The intelligent thinking behind the Rio 5-door’s interior has resulted in an airy, comfortable and deceptively roomy cabin.

Kia Rio 5-door Interior Full auto climate control R_

Kia Rio 5-door Interior Telescopic steering wheel R_

new rio interior

Metal pedal pads

Add a real sporty touch to the interior with their stainless finish.

new rio interior 9

Aux / USB port

Input ports catering to every kind of personal music device provide maximum connectivity.

new rio interior 2

Start Stop Button

new rio interior 12


Bluetooth lets you make and receive phone calls hands-free and stream your music through the car's audio system

Kia Rio 5-door Interior Desert Gray Seat R_

Desert Gray

Refined and understated, Desert Gray offers a subtlety you'll find satisfying every time you take a seat.

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