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New Picanto


Driving should be an extension of yourself. Say hello to the new Picanto. Sporty and stylish, it also delivers on the other essentials: advanced features, eco-friendly technology, and of course, the now legendary Picanto individuality.

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  • Rio-gamma-fixed
    Gamma 1.4 Gasoline Engine
    An all-new unit that delivers extra power while still keeping emissions low, this engine features single continuously variable valve timing, a silent steel timing chain and offset crankshaft.
  • Kia Picanto Performance 4-Speed automatic transmission R_
    4-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Kia Picanto Performance 5-Speed manual transmission R_
    5-Speed manual transmission
  • Rio-gamma-thumb-fixed
  • Kia Picanto Performance 4-Speed automatic transmission Thumb R_
  • Kia Picanto Performance 5-Speed manual transmission Thumb R_
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  • Kia Picanto Safety Electronic Stability Control R_
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    With Electronic Stability Control (ESC), sensors detect wheel speed and steering angle when you apply the brakes, delivering the appropriate braking force to each individual wheel to maintain steering control and slow you down safely.
  • Kia Picanto Safety Electronic Stability Control Thumb R_
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Kia Picanto Specifications Dimension__
.2 MPI Engine
Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.2 MPI Engine__

· Displacement
  1,248 cc

· Max. Power
  87ps @ 6,000rpm

· Max. Torque
  12.2 kg.m @ 4,000rpm

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

Kia Picanto Exterior 01 R__

Kia Picanto Exterior 02 R__

An outlook, given shape

The essence of style. It’s not about showing off, it’s not about excess. Catch the chic new Picanto out of the corner of your eye and you know you've made the right decision. It all comes down to this: a good thing, done well.

Kia Picanto Exterior 03 R__

Defining style as you go

Right here is where you belong. The city is alive outside your window. With its distinctive shape and wide rear stance, the new Picanto fits right into your world - modern, intelligent, outgoing.

Kia Picanto Exterior 06 R__

Express Yourself

A small car, all grown up. Driving should be an extension of yourself. Say hello to the new Picanto. Sporty and stylish, it also delivers on the other essentials: advanced features, eco-friendly technology, and of course, the now legendary Picanto individuality.

Kia Picanto Exterior 07 R__

Practicality you’re right at home with

Form and function, all worked out. You want sportiness, but you also want to fit in your sports gear. Small is beautiful, but you also want your friends along for the ride. Job done. the new Picanto gives you that other urban must-have–flexibility.

Kia Picanto Exterior 08 R__

Look closely, it's all in the details

Every element blends into the next. Up close, the new Picanto is harmony in full flow. The headlamps are an extension of the body shape’s flowing lines. The radiator grille and air dam blend with the bold, well-balanced proportions. Form and function all in one.

Kia Picanto Exterior 09 R__

As eco - conscious as you are

So you value sustainable living? We do too. That's why we take pride in rising to meet the expectations and challenges of the 21st century while making tangible contributions to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development of society.

Kia Picanto Exterior LED rear lamps_

LED rear lamps

Kia Picanto Exterior Headlamps with LED daytime running lights_

Headlamps with LED daytime running lights

Kia Picanto Exterior Grip-type outside door handles_

Grip-type outside door handles

Kia Picanto Exterior Electric folding outside mirrors_

Electric folding outside mirrors

When you get to where you’re going, electric folding mirrors fold up and in to save space once you’ve parked.

Kia Picanto Exterior LED side repeaters_

LED side repeaters

LED side repeaters in the outside mirrors add an up-market touch, and provide extra visibility when turning.

Kia Picanto Exterior Auto light control with escort and welcome lighting_

Auto light control with escort & welcome lighting

Auto Light Control automatically turns on the headlamps using the built-in sensors.

Kia Picanto Exterior High-mounted stop lamp_

High-mounted stop lamp

A high-mounted stop lamp located on the rear window is a very visible means of alerting drivers behind that you’re braking, and adds to the safety provided by the standard brake lights.

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Kia Picanto Interior Interior 02 R_

Step in and discover what’s new

Features that put a smile on your face. Think an entry-level car's specification would be lacking? Prepare to be surprised. An array of high-tech features means the unexpected is as much a part of the new Picanto as everything else.

Kia Picanto Interior Interior 03 R_

Experience things from the inside

The interior space raises the bar when it comes to stylish design, attention to detail and bold finishing touches. Sit back in an ergonomically-designed seat and find out how.

Kia Picanto Interior Supervision cluster R_

Supervision cluster

With three cylindrical housings for the dials, the clear, sporty-looking supervision cluster consists of speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge.

Kia Picanto Interior Trip computer R_

Trip computer

An LCD screen built into the centre of the instrument cluster displays vehicle information.

Kia Picanto Interior Thumb rests R_

Thumb rests

Convenient thumb rests on the innovative steering wheel are ergonomically positioned for optimum grip to provide a comfortable hand position that makes every journey a pleasure.

Kia Picanto Interior MDPS with tilt steering R_

MDPS with tilt steering

MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) provides better response at different speed levels, and its tilt function lets you find the optimum steering position with ease.

Kia Picanto Interior Full auto temperature control R_

Full auto temperature control

Full auto temperature control lets both driver and front seat passenger set different air temperatures depending on their preferences. The system then automatically maintains the set levels.

Kia Picanto Interior Cup holder mood lamp R_

Cup holder mood lamp

The front floor console cup-holders light up, adding an exotic mood and helping you locate your drinks more easily at night.

Kia Picanto Interior Glove box R_

Glove box

A capacious glove box (9.6L) stows useful items where they can be easily accessed.

Kia Picanto Interior Door map pocket R_

Door map pocket

Not just for maps, but for other things like drinks and snacks.

Kia Picanto Interior Centre console R_

Centre console

A large open tray on the floor console provides additional storage space.

Kia Picanto Interior Under-seat storage R_

Under-seat storage

Just the place to keep items that fold flat, like newspapers and maps.

Kia Picanto Interior 60 vs 40 Because your gear comes in all shapes and sizes R_

60:40 Because your gear comes in all shapes and sizes

The 60/40 split rear seat back is ideal when you need to carry unusual-shaped items (while still letting you carry three people of course). When it comes to sizable loads, you can fold down both rear seats and make use of the extra space. Under the tail gate there's 200 liters of luggage space - so your bags and shopping items are taken care of.

Kia Picanto Interior Drivers seat R_

Driver's seat

The side bolster of the driver seat has been enlarged, and features different firmness levels for better side support.

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