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Destined for success

The perfect evolution of its award-winning predecessor, the all-new Kia Optima is writing the next chapter in a visionary design story. Our talented European designers struck just the right balance of intrinsic style, visual innovation and functional enhancements. The result: A sedan that'll drive you to the next level.

Charismatic and with muscular contours, the all-new Kia Optima draws glances wherever it goes. At a standstill, it flaunts its unmistakable 'tiger nose' grille, sharp body lines and elongated silhouette. On the road, its alluring appearance really comes to life – letting you go the distance.

Exceptional design goes far beneath the surface. So it's no surprise that the interior of the all-new Kia Optima is just as stunning as its exterior. Modern, spacious, high-quality – these are just some of the words that'll come to mind while zipping around town in your on-the-go life.


Tailored to busy lives

Inside the spacious cabin, an inviting yet upscale space awaits you. High-quality materials include seats upholstered in top grade leather. Attention to detail is revealed in everything from the carefully chosen soft-touch materials to the natural colour palette and tasteful accents. It's quality you can actually feel.

Total immersion: the driver-orientated cockpit makes it easy to keep your eyes on the road. A quick glance at the enhanced dashboard, including the customisable supervision cluster, delivers all the information you need. Headed to an important meeting? Simply enter the destination and let the navigation system guide you. It's fitted as standard.

The redesigned seats ensure maximum driving comfort. Heated seats provide adjustable warmth, ventilated front seats circulate air to keep you comfortable. Customise the interior trim colours and materials to reflect your preferences. And if your Optima is equipped with the optional Smart Trunk system, you can even open the boot hands-free.

Fitted with the optional panoramic sunroof, the all-new Kia Optima lets you enjoy a breezy open-air feeling. In fact, you might even forget it's a workday. When you've had enough sun, simply close the shade with a click.


Hi-tech support

Adaptive bi-xenon headlights on the all-new Kia Optima enhance your visibility at night. Controlled by the steering wheel and vehicle speed, the system actively lights the curves in the road ahead, improving your nighttime vision.

A smart technology feature, High Beam Assist automatically detects the headlights or backlights of cars ahead, and adjusts your high and low beams accordingly. For improved safety – and a more relaxing ride home from the office.

Yes, parking can be effortless. The optional Smart Parking Assist System uses sensors to asses a parking space, then the steering wheel expertly manoeuvres the car into position. Suitable for parallel and 90° parking spaces, the system also lends a hand when it's time for departure. All you ever have to do: regulate the speed and shift gears.

The intuitive Around View Monitor gives you a comprehensive, bird's eye view of the space around your all-new Optima. How? By combining four wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle.


Always linked to your world

Stay in touch on the road with Kia's Connected Services powered by TomTom. Real-time information on the speed limit(1), weather, traffic and more conveniently appears on the vehicle display (smartphone with data plan required to activate services). Fitted as standard, the on-board navigation system includes 7 years of map updates and live services**. Integrated WiFi rounds out the package.

Low battery? No problem: Simply place your compatible mobile on the tray in the console and let it charge wirelessly. When you exit the vehicle, the foreign object detection system alerts you if a device was left on the charger. In case you need to connect, USB and auxiliary jacks are located alongside the tray.

Music to your ears. The optional high-power, 590 watt Harman Kardon Premium Sound system comes with 10 speakers, an external amplifier and Clari-FiTM MP3 restoration technology. Featuring Quantum Logic Surround for an unprecedented surround sound experience, no matter the audio source. Personal concert hall or car? We think it's both.


Count on performance

Select from your choice of a 1.7 CRDi diesel engine with 141 hp or a 2.0 CVVL petrol engine with 163 hp. Both offer the optimum balance of performance and efficiency, for enjoyable driving and lower carbon emissions.

Opt for the 7-DCT dual-clutch transmission for faster, smoother acceleration, enhanced agility, and better fuel economy. It's truly the best of both manual and automatic worlds. The fuel-saving Idle Stop & Go feature shuts off the engine when you halt at a traffic light. When the light’s green, just press the accelerator and off you go.

A smoother ride, more dynamic handling: the innovative Electronic Controlled Suspension, developed in-house, comes as an option for 7-dual clutch transmission models. Diesel engine vehicles are fitted with a new Rack-Mounted Power Steering System driven by its own electric motor. For enhanced agility and a car in tune with your driving style.


Innovations that keep you safe

Just in case, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system(2) helps bring your car to a halt. Long-range radars on the exterior and cameras on the windscreen detect pedestrians and cars on the road, and tell the vehicle to brake immediately. This avoids potential collisions – and helps keep you safe and sound.

Eliminate potentially hazardous blind spots thanks to Blind Spot Detection, a smart technology feature. A visual warning in the side-view mirror tells you when another vehicle enters areas you can't see. When driving the all-new Optima in reverse, Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns you if anything nears your car.

Always know the speed limit: The Speed Limit Information System detects speed limit signs, then shows the maximum speed on the cluster. The time of day and the weather also factor in. Advanced Smart Cruise Control makes motorway driving more relaxing. It monitors the distance to other vehicles and brakes automatically, if required.

In case you begin to stray from the lane, the innovative Lane Keeping Assist System actively warns and assists you. A series of visual and audible signals send out an alert. If necessary, the vehicle's power steering system applies light counter steering torque to help you stay on track.

A comprehensive package of safety features are fitted as standard in the all-new Optima. To help protect you and your passengers in the event of a collision, it comes with driver, front passenger, two front-side, and two side-curtain airbags, as well as a driver's knee airbag. Also, the vehicle's reinforced bodyshell is lighter, stronger and safer than ever.

A partner you can rely on

7-year warranty*

Having passed rigorous tests for reliability and durability, we’re proud to offer the all-new Kia Optima with our industry-leading warranty, just like all Kia models. Every Kia benefits from a 7-year/150,000 km new car warranty (unlimited for up to 3 years; 150,000 km from 4 years onwards).

7 years of map updates**

As part of our extensive quality promise, each new Kia vehicle that's factory-fitted with an LG navigation device is entitled to six free annual map updates. A unique offer that ensures your navigation system is always up-to-date.

All Kia Optima trim lines

EX mid
EX top


Exterior dimensions

Every single design detail in the all-new Kia Optima has been meticulously conceived and engineered. Here is an overview of its precise exterior measurements.


Engines 2.0 MPI (Nu 2.0 CVVL) 1.7 VGT (U-II)
Fuel type Gasoline Diesel
Engine type
DOHC 4 valves DOHC 4 valves
Displacement (cc)
1999 1685
Max. power (hp/rpm) 120/6500 141/4000
Max. torque (kg.m/rpm) 20/4800 34.7/1750~2500
Top speed (kph) (manual) 210 203
Manual transmission 6-speed
Automatic transition 6-speed
Dual-clutch transmission   7-speed DCT

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

  • 2.0 MPI Gasoline, 2WD, 6-speed manual transmission ; CO2 Emission (g/100 km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 232/138/173 ; Fuel consumption (l/100km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 9.9/5.9/7.4
  • 2.0 MPI Gasoline, 2WD, 6-speed automatic transmission ; CO2 Emission (g/100 km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 247/133/175 ; Fuel consumption (l/100km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 10.6/5.7/7.5
  • 1.7 VGT Diesel, 2WD, 6-speed manual transmission ; CO2 Emission (g/100 km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 145/106/121 ; Fuel consumption (l/100km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 5.6/4.1/4.6
  • 1.7 VGT Diesel, 2WD, 6-speed manual transmission ISG ; CO2 Emission – Fuel consumption Urban/Extra urban/Combined 132/98/110 - Fuel consumption (l/100km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 5.1/3.7/4.2
  • 1.7 VGT Diesel, 2WD, 6-speed DCT automatic transmission ISG ; CO2 Emission (g/100 km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 133/106/116 ; Fuel consumption (l/100km, Urban/Extra urban/Combined): 5.1/4.1/4.4

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Legal Disclaimer

* Kia 7-year/150,000 km new car warranty

Valid in all EU member states (plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Gibraltar), subject to local terms and conditions.

** Kia 7-year map update

The program applies only to new Kia vehicles purchased after February 28, 2013 with factory fitted LG Navigation devices. Labor fees may occur at the service point for the time allocated to perform the update. 7 Year Map Update program provides six map updates as Kia vehicles already come with latest available map from the factory. The warranty of the navigation system is not affected by this program. Kia does not bear the responsibility for the quality of the map data supplied by the map data supplier Navteq.

(1)TomTom Speed Camera Service

Most governments and local authorities agree that the TomTom Speed Camera service makes driving safer. At Kia we comply with local legislation and where necessary adapt our practice.

Click here for general regulations

(2)Autonomous Emergency Braking System

The Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS) is an assistance system and does not relieve the driver from his/her responsibility to safely operate the vehicle at any time. The driver still has to adapt his/her driving behaviour to his/her personal driving capabilities, to the legal requirements and to the overall road and traffic conditions. AEBS is not designed to drive the vehicle autonomously. For further information, please refer to the owner’s manual.



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