6 Speed Double clutch Transmission - Gasoline 1.6 Direct Injection.
7 - Speed Double clutch Transmission - Diesel 1.6 136ps.
Active ECO.
Alternator Management System - ISG + Mi com.
Alternator Management System - ISG + Mi com 1.5.
Alternator Management System - ISG + Mi com 2.
Alternator Management System - W / Mi com.
Battery Battery Saver.
Battery Diesel - Flood type - 68AH (20HR).
Battery Gasoline - Flood type - 45AH (20HR).
Battery Gasoline - Flood type - 60AH (20HR).
Battery Gasoline 1.4/1.6 - AGM type - 60AH (20HR).
Battery Gasoline/Diesel - AGM type - 70AH (20HR).
Emission control Sys.Diesel Euro - 5.
Emission control Sys.Diesel Euro - 6.
Hood insulator Diesel.
Emission control Sys.Gasoline Euro - 6.
Engine Cover Full type.
Exhaust Diesel Particulate Filter - Diesel 1.4/1.6.
Exhaust Tail Pipe (Sus - Trim) - Dual, open type.
Exhaust Tail Pipe (Sus - Trim) - Single, open type.
Front Suspension McPherson Strut with coil spring.
Front Suspension S / Absorber - GAS.
Fuel Tank 53 liters.
Hood insulator Diesel.
Hood insulator Gasoline.
Idle Stop & Go.
Kick Down Mechanism.
Low Fuel consumption Package (Idle Stop & Go included).
Manual Transmission 6 - Speed - All engines.
Rear Suspension Multi Link.
Rear Suspension S / Absorber - GAS.

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