The future has arrived in style in the new Kia Soul EV, the first all-electric, zero-emissions Kia car sold worldwide - with a practical driving range and a bold look that builds on the unique dimensions and design of the Kia Soul. The Soul EV takes things further with exclusive, vibrant two-tone styling, LED daytime running lamps and eye-catching headlamps and taillamps.


The mechanics of driving may have changed in the Kia Soul EV, but the feeling of exhilaration and control endures. At the wheel, you command exceptional output and torque. The quick Soul EV boasts class-leading 0-100 kph acceleration and a top speed of 145 kph. Its 200 km driving range and zero CO2 emissions appeal to your green side. Agile handling, a low centre of gravity and reduced road noise ensure a stable and composed drive.


The placement of every detail on the Soul EV is determined by efficiency. The battery, electric motor, gear reduction unit and Electric Power Control Unit are mounted low, helping make the handling more stable and forming part of the rigid body cage protecting the cabin. Range depends on the battery's charge, so many vehicle systems, including braking, heating and cooling, are engineered to preserve or even replenish the system's energy, and pre-heating and -cooling can draw on the charging station's power.


Anyone can master charging the Kia Soul EV, and stay clean and composed throughout the process. Simply slide a cover open and attach a normal AC charging cable or a fast DC charging cable to the appropriate port. These cables and ports are designed so that you cannot connect the wrong one. From the charging ports, mounted in the grille, you can see the charge status indicator through the windscreen. The charging cords can be stored in the dedicated under-tray storage space.


Connect to the driving experience in style with the striking two-tone colour scheme of the cockpit, where smooth surfaces and organically rounded contours soothe and inspire you, exclusive bio-based trim and padding reassure you, and bold, intuitive instruments beckon. Access the comprehensive infotainment system to check charge status, find the distance and route to the next charging station, adjust the climate control, and select your soundtrack too. Multi-coloured mood lamps on the doors illuminate the speaker grilles and bottle holders, varying their brightness along with the music.


While you're doing your part for the world outside, rediscover comfort and pleasure inside. The Kia Soul EV’s refined cabin is designed to provide maximum space in every seat. Relax amid eco-friendly bio-sourced materials, from the padding and trim to the seat fabric and the carpet at your feet. Rear passengers will enjoy exceptional space to stretch their legs and shoulders. For versatility, a 60:40 split-folding rear seat offers practical extensions of the cargo space.