You're looking at our bold and engaging vision of how the vibrant spirit and athleticism of the pro_cee'd could be reincarnated and revitalised for a new generation of drivers. Encapsulating Kia's performance spirit, it embodies a third body type - the extended hot hatch - which retains the athleticism of the current pro_cee'd model, while combining its striking visual presence with a dash of real-world versatility. Designed at Kia's European design centre in Frankfurt, the Proceed Concept gives hints as to what the next-generation cee'd could look like.



In addition to some of Kia's inimitable design motifs including the iconic 'tiger nose' grille and sculpted 'island' bonnet inspired by the Kia Stinger, this extended hot hatch also features a number of new and unique design cues – each singling out the Proceed Concept as a truly modern Kia. Take the dynamic window frame that follows the dramatic roofline right back to the rear tailgate, which is characterised by its stacked air vents, and the rippled surface of a rear light strip inspired by molten ferromagnetic metal. Then there's the striking 'Sharkblade' that reinforces the lack of B-pillar; and the lateral strakes that flex the rear muscles and exaggerate its waistline. The Proceed Concept also debuts the 'Luminline' – an illuminated outline of the car's glasshouse that greets drivers as they approach the car, and creates a powerful nocturnal visual identifier on the move.


Inspired by the world of bespoke tailoring and haute couture, the Proceed Concept presides over a truly one-of-a-kind cabin environment enriched with materials used in innovative and unconventional ways often more familiar to fashion houses than the automotive arena. Reams of black elastane fabric have been cut, trimmed and tailored by hand to create rippled and ruched upholstery, forming a sumptuous contrast to the sleek and shiny instrument panel. This is complemented by tactile knurled aluminium for the haptic dials and buttons, hand-painted satin fabric lining the doors and the footwells, and many more refined details.


Another bespoke highlight is the 'Lava Red' paintwork - resulting from a highly complex week-long paintshop process with multiple hand-applied layers of black, chrome-effect silver and red tinted lacquer to create a sumptuously glossy and lustrous finish. It is Incredibly sensitive to changing light conditions, with a depth and metallic sheen that further enhance the Proceed's contours and curves. Inspired by the visceral power of an erupting volcano, the fiery red of the bodywork also forms a visual link to the interior - featured for example in the colour accents of the dashboard, steering column create and footwells.


Firmly focused on appealing to the heart of the driver, the Kia Proceed Concept embraces a bold future vision while incorporating a sense of the rich heritage it is founded on. And because performance cars are all about indulging the senses, Kia's design team have introduced a 'Memory Bank' to the cabin specially developed to evoke memories and enrich the driving experience. This flush-mounted shelf is housed within the dashboard and contains three flacons, each filled with the evocative scents: the warm musky smell of aged leather, the oily fragrance of a garage that's home to a classic car, and the tang of high-octane motorsport fuel.