Kia Motors Europe

Kia Motors Europe (KME) is the European sales and marketing division of the Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) based in South Korea. With its brand new purpose-built headquarters located in the heart of Frankfurt (Germany), KME’s staff is small, dynamic and highly motivated. The company structure encourages individuals to make vital contributions to its operations and the multi-cultural atmosphere is home to more than 15 different nationalities. 

Working at KME is both challenging and rewarding, as the company is responsible for marketing Kia products in more than 30 countries across Europe. The new HQ enables Kia to keep in touch with ‘the pulse of Europe’ in order to deliver the best possible products, services and support to the rapidly growing number of Kia customers, as well as to its distributors and dealers. 

The state-of-the-art HQ also houses Kia’s first solo Design Centre – independent of Hyundai Motors – a significant move that further reinforces the determination of Kia to be seen as a ‘stand alone’ brand in Europe with products that have their own designs and interiors. 

One such design, the new Kia Soul urban crossover vehicle, is destined to attract thousands of new customers to Kia showrooms. Consumers who would not have considered buying a Kia product before, will be intrigued and surprised by Soul. It marks a revolutionary expansion of Kia‘s product line-up and will challenge people to rethink everything they know about Kia. 

Since 2003, Kia’s product range in Europe has expanded from covering just 35% of market segments to more than 85% today. That expansion helped Kia become the fastest-growing brand in the region for several years, achieving sales across Western and Eastern Europe of more than 343,000 units in 2007. 

Costing more than €1 billion to design and construct, Kia’s first-ever factory in Europe (at Zilina in Slovakia), will ultimately supply 40% of European demand for Kia products with European-made vehicles. The facility is designed to manufacture up to 300,000 cars annually. Currently Zilina builds the cee’d family (five-door hatchback, five-door wagon and pro_cee’d three-door coupe) and Sportage SUV models.