Kia Approved

Kia Approved

The “Kia Approved” Programme is currently running in 12 countries and around 500 dealers. The programme is in line with Kia's corporate strategy: reinforcing the brand, sustaining the residual value and attracting the end customer to the Kia dealer network also for buying a used car.


 All “Kia Approved” used cars have passed a vehicle inspection of 105 controls (35 for the mechanical and technical, 35 for the body and 35 for the electronics) following a rigid procedure in line with the “Kia Approved” standards. The cars have a maximum age of 7 years, with a maximum mileage of 150,000 km. On top of this, the “Kia Approved” customer promise provides the customer with a European 12-months warranty and road assistance, plus the possibility to exchange the car after 14 days/1000 km., if not satisfied. All “Kia Approved” dealers and cars are easily recognizable by the end customer due to the branding such as flags, totem, license plate and other items. Kia has the objective to provide our customers with “peace of mind”, especially when they are buying a used car. And “Kia Approved” is the programme designed to achieve just that.



According EurotaxGlass’s: “The new cee’d Sporty Wagon is a significant new entrant in a highly competitive segment. Our analysis has shown that, in Kia’s key European markets, keen pricing, high levels of standard specification, one of the longest warranties available, eye-catching design and impressive build quality will all help attract new fleet and retail buyers and ensure robust residual values.”



• Up to 7 years European warranty*
• European roadside assistance
• 105 points vehicle inspection

* Kia Approved used cars can also reach a 7-year warranty coverage by setting back the warranty level to the official Kia 7-year manufacturer’s warranty which normally applies for all new Kia cars. Available up to now in the UK only. For corresponding terms and conditions please refer to your local Kia dealer.