Kia Fleet - Find information on the Kia range

Welcome to Kia, one of the world’s fastest-growing automotive brands. In 2016, Kia enjoyed an eighth consecutive year of annual sales growth in the European new car market, a trend which looks set to continue into 2017 with a number of new model introductions on the horizon.

We believe this positive trend to be a reflection of a highly competitive product range, designed and engineered to meet the ever-changing needs of new car buyers throughout Europe. The Kia product range represents distinctive, modern design and the highest levels of build quality, which is why all Kia cars sold in Europe are supported by our industry leading 7-year manufacturer warranty.

Whether you’re a small business owner running just a few cars or a multinational corporate with an extensive global fleet, Kia Fleet is here to help. With a comprehensive product line-up of high-quality and fuel-efficient vehicles, we can assure you of a fleet that is both friendly to the environment and also to your budget, as well as being well-equipped with the latest technologies and safety features.

At Kia, we believe we have “The Power to Surprise”. Now we invite you to take a closer look at what Kia Fleet has to offer and allow us the opportunity to surprise you.