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    Drive Optima.
    Turn heads.
    Details that turn heads.
    Our designers and engineers take pride in attention to every detail. Every carefully considered and crafted element of the Kia Optima is what makes this family sedan so outstanding.
    Striking Body.
    If there’s an automotive formula for the wow factor, the Kia Optima has it: Its strong profile with a coupé-like roofline combined with the sharp-edged boot lid and bumper is an absolute refinement of the world-class design.
    Details that turn heads
    Dazzling LED Lighting.
    Bright ideas with a big impact: The Kia Optima’s state-of-the-art lighting systems have been upgraded with surface-emitting LED tail lights. Meanwhile the 4-point LED front fog lamps and LED daytime running lights reinforce the sporty appearance.
    Sophisticated Cabin.
    Kia Optima’s interior is equally impressive as its thrilling exterior: Details like the high-gloss trim with satin chrome accents give it a modern and premium feel, while the newly introduced D-shaped steering wheel and alloy pedals add sporty appeal.
    LED Back Light
    LED Fog Light
    LED Front Light
    Design Interior black
    Design Interior beige
    Upgrade to higher-tech.
    The new Kia Optima features smart systems that work in tandem with the world around you - all intuitively positioned controls for maximum control and convenience during your whole journey.
    Upgrade to higher-tech
    Smart Parking Assist System.
    This ingenious piece of technology does the parking for you. The system recognises a suitable parallel parking space, steers and judges the distance to the car in front and at the rear. All you need to do is adjust the speed and change gears accordingly.
    Smart Parking Assist System
    Extra Large Supervision Cluster
    Extra Large Supervision Cluster.
    Always in the picture: The all-new supervision cluster has a 4.3” TFT LCD screen and improved graphics for maximum visibility during the day and night, along with handy driver information including vehicle service reminders, a trip computer and much more.
    Advanced Navigation System
    Advanced Navigation System.
    Need help with directions? The 8” touch-screen full-map navigation system features voice recognition and Bluetooth hands-free capability.
    Paddle Gear Shift
    Paddle Gear Shift.
    Enjoy smooth and swift gear changes at the flick of a finger.
    Drive Mode Select
    Drive Mode Select.
    Normal, Eco, Sport.
    Nu 2.0 petrol engine
    Max. power
    Max. torque
    0 – 100 kph
    60 - 100 kph
    1,999 cc
    165 ps/121 kW at 6,500 rpm
    19.99 kg/196 Nm at 4,800 rpm
    9.5 sec.
    9.8 sec.
    UII 1.7 diesel engine
    Max. power
    Max. torque
    0 – 100 kph
    60 - 100 kph
    1,685 cc
    136 ps/100 kW at 4,000 rpm
    33.14 kg/325 Nm at 2,000-2,500 rpm
    10.3 sec. *
    7.3 sec. *
    * only for Diesel Manual Transmission
    2.0 Litre Petrol Engine
    For excitement in every corner
    Choose from the state-of-the-art multi-port injection 2.0-litre petrol engine or the refined 1.7-litre diesel engine. Both models are available with 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission for excellent fuel efficiency and on-road performance.
    Engine Details
    UII 1.7 diesel engine
    Energy Regeneration System
    Energy Regeneration System
    Another clever idea to help you save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions: when you take your foot off the accelerator and slow down, the new Kia Sorento recaptures this normally lost kinetic energy and uses it to help recharge the battery. If the battery is already charged, the alternator is decoupled.
    Clever extras for everyday.
    Everything inside the Kia Optima is built for your pleasure and convenience – from the refined, soft-touch finish throughout the cabin to the ergonomic designed dashboard and countless hidden extras.
    Clever extras for everyday
    Rear View Camera.
    Reversing has never been simpler – or safer – thanks to the rear view camera. It allows you to see exactly what’s behind your car, on your 4.3" TFT LCD display. Minimise the risk of overseeing any low-lying obstacles, without having to crane your neck.
    Panoramic Sunroof.
    In need of some fresh air and a summer feel on the road? The panoramic sunroof extends back across both the front and rear seats, enhancing the sense of spaciousness inside the Kia Optima at the touch of a button.
    Smart Key.
    Searching for your keys is now a thing of the past. With the Smart Key in your pocket or bag, the Kia Optima automatically detects ownership. Simply push the button in the door handle to unlock the door and then press the Engine Start/Stop button to drive off.
    Smart Key
    Rear View Camera
    Panoramic Sunroof
    Infinity Sound System.
    Theatrical Sound while you drive? With eight speakers and an external amplifier, this state-of-the-art audio system fills the cabin with a rich and luxurious sound. Besides radio and a CD player, you also listen to tunes on your MP3 player, smartphone or tablet.
    Infinity Sound System 2
    Infinity Sound System 1
    Protection you can rely on.
    The safety of you and your passengers is our primary concern. While the Kia Optima’s advanced build quality provides all-round protection, the intelligent safety equipment is dedicated to maximum control, even in difficult driving conditions.
    Protection you can rely on
    Blind Spot Detection (BSD).
    Optima’s Blind Spot Detection uses sensors in the rear bumper to warn you when vehicles are at close range. It can be combined with the Rear Cross Traffic Alert which alerts you to crossing traffic behind you when reversing out of parking spaces.
    Lane Keeping Assist System.
    It is easy to get momentarily distracted at the wheel. The inbuilt Lane Departure Warning System is a vital safeguard here - recording the road ahead as you drive and giving you visual and audio warnings the moment you begin to veer out of lane.
    Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
    Clear White
    Snow White Pearl
    Bright Silver
    Satin Metal
    Platinum Graphite
    Aurora Black
    Smoky Blue
    Abyss Blue
    Golden Beat
    Temptation Red
    18'' Alloy Wheel
    Alloy Wheel
    18'' Alloy Wheel
    Alloy Wheel
    17'' Alloy Wheel
    Alloy Wheel
    16'' Alloy Wheel
    Alloy Wheel
    Every inch a Fleet captain.
    Every fleet needs its captain and in the Kia Fleet this position indisputably belongs to the Kia Optima, which now has even more to offer: The new Kia Optima is well equipped with premium materials and the latest technical features for a more exciting and relaxing drive.
    Kia Motors Europe Fleet and Remarketing Team:
    Phone: +49 69 850928100
    Industry-leading 7-Year Kia Warranty
    • 150,000 km
    • 100% transferable to the next owner
    • Up to 12-year antiperforation warranty
    • 5-year paint warranty
    Strong Residual Values
    • RV Management throughout the whole lifecycle
    • Established relationships with major European and local RV guides
    • Optimised Wholesale and Retail Remarketing processes
    • Kia Used Car Programme
    Optimized TCO - Total cost of Ownership
    • A value for money proposition
    • Significant more value than competitors
    • Low fuel consumption across the whole range
    • Low prices and a high residual value
    • Low taxation and competitive insurance
    Efficient EcoDynamics
    • Start/Stop System (ISG) to reduce fuel consumption and emmissions by up to 15%
    • Low rolling resistance tyres
    • Optimum gear-shift indicator
    • Refined, ultra-reliable engines balance performance with efficient, greener driving
    Being a fleet manager,
    you need a wide range of services, and the most important one is to count on a partner, at international, national and local level. We are able to provide you with a desirable product range, extensive warranties, excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and competitive CO2 levels. All things considered, we are offering you a very special fleet and a very special team behind it. We would love to support your business.
    One less worry.
    Imagine: one major thing less to worry about for the next seven years of your life. That’s just what we’re offering with our industry-leading warranty for the new Kia Optima: 150,000 km of worry-free motoring plus up to 12-year antiperforation and 5-year paint warranty. What's more, the Kia 7-year warranty is transferable to subsequent owners making it highly attractive on reselling.