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Q What is Kia Family-Like care service
A It is Kia’s Commitment and promise to all Kia customers to pursue Trustworthy service to create life-long customers Emotional service that comes from the heart and thoughtful service just like family service.
Q Where can I find information on International Kia Dealers and subsidiaries.
A Visit the Kia Motors Crporation Global Network Web site
Q What does Kia mean?
A The word Kia has origins in the Chinese language with the first syllable Ki meaning to arise or come up out of.The second part of the word, a referes to Asia. Kia means to rise or come up out of Asia.
Q Where can I purchase genuine parts and accessories?
A Parts and accessories can be purchased through the parts counter at the dealership.
Q How do I get better fuel economy?
A Drive Smoothly. Drive at a moderate speed. Don’t ride the brake or clutch pedal. Take care of your tires. Be sure that the wheels are aligned correctly. Travel Lightly.Don’t let the engine idle longer than necessary. Use your air conditioning sparingly. Service your vehicle at the proper times (example engine oil change).
Q How do I get a quote on a vehicle?
A If you like a written quote, visit our showroom.
Q How do I request a brochure for a specific model?
A All of our current brochures are available on The Request Information section.
Q What are the engine differences in the Kia models available?
A The Picanto utlizes one engine. Max. Power87 ps @ 6,000 rpm, Max. Torque12.2 kg.m @ 4,000 rpm.
The Sportage, Sorento and Carnival both use two engines 2.4 gas and 2.2 diesel. Sportage Power 166 ps @ 6,200 rpm Max. Torque 20.1 kg.m @ 4,600 rpm.
Sorrento gasoline max. Power 277 ps @ 6,300 rpm Max. Torque 34.2 kg.m @ 5,000 rpm and Diesel Max. Power 197 ps @ 3,800 rpm Max. Torque 44.5 kg.m @ 1,800~2,500 rpm.
Information on the k2700 may vary, please contact dealer.Max.
Q What Kia models are available?
A Picanto, K2700, Carnival, Sorento, Sportage
Q Which color should I choose?
A The color most easily maintained is white. Apart from personal perceptions, you should remember that the lower the cost of the paint option, the more cost effective it is to maintain. Basic gloss finish is the easiest to maintain, metallic and pearl finish, though look good, are extremely hard to duplicate. Therefore your car’s color should match your taste and be within your budget.
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