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An outline of irresistibility
Take in the unmistakable profile. With a sloping roofline design that flows from front to back, Sportage exudes a sense of undiluted flair, strength and purpose that is evident in each and every well-defined contour.
Black bezel headlamps with LED DRL
High tech black bezel headlamps with LED daytime running lights provide sharp illumination at night and added driving safety during the day not to mention plenty of visual impact.
Panoramic sunroof
The all-glass panoramic sunroof operates with tilt and slide efficiency, while featuring built-in safety mechanisms to prevent wandering hands from getting trapped.
Built to perform,
made for optimum mileage
R 2.0 VGT Diesel engine
Max. Power 177 ps @ 4,000 rpm
Max. Torque 40.0 kg @ 1,800~2,500 rpm
Advanced transmission
Choose either 5-speed (2.0 litre gasoline version only) or 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.The sixth gear adds an extra dimension to cruising, while the auto shift lock system of the automatic prevents unintended accelerations.
Ventilated driver's seat
Blowing air through the backrest and seat cushions, the ventilated driver's seat maximises driving comfort.
8-way adjustable seat
The 8-way power adjustable driver's seat lets you tailor your driving position to the perfect setting.
Independent suspension
With each wheel moving in a vertical direction independent of the other wheels, the car deftly responds to uneven road surfaces for optimal handling.