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Distict Features

Pushing the boundaries even further

Always moving forward, always evolving... that's the Soul. This exhuberant, head-turning car has been given a makeover, with its unique design made even more unique through enhanced detailing, tweaked proportions and modern touches that give it a premium feel from top to bottom.

LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps feature an inner crystal lens treatment, enhancing Soul's up-market feel. LEDs encircling
the light cluster stand out at night.

Projection headlamps with LED lights

Projection headlamps provide a modern, classy look, while
LED daytime running lights and turn signal lights add a high-tech and futuristic image.

Brown two-tone

Brown may conjure up past eras, but the treatment it's been given here is very much up to date. The Tartan Check option is particularly distinctive - a feminine, fashionable take on this ultra-modish, iconic London fashion house.

Full auto climate control

Air-conditioning is standard but the full auto temperature control gives you the ultimate in-cabin climate, whatever the weather. Simply set the controls to your preferred temperature and let the system do the rest.
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Nu 2.0 MPI Engine 166ps / 20.4kg·m

Providing more power and with Continuous Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) for improved fuel efficiency and higher performance, this engine runs quietly while keeping emissions low.

Automatic transmission

With next-generation Kia technology reducing the number of transmission parts and weight, the six-speed automatic transmission blends ultra-smooth shifting with outstanding fuel economy. At the same time, the manual + automatic gate is now located on the driver side for easier manual-style shifting.

HAC (Hill-start Assist Control)

Using HAC, braking is sustained for two seconds during
the brake-to-drive transit ion to improve driving stability
and prevent roll-back and slipping which could endanger
the vehicle and other road users.

VSM (Vehicle Stability Management)

Incorporates a steering assist system to provide effective braking in asymmetrical braking situations, as when one side of the car loses traction on a wet or slippery surface.

Front, side and curtain airbags

The six-airbag system is an effective active safety measure. The airbags will deploy during side or front impact to cushion the force on the occupants.
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