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A Different Beat

Brand Direction

A Different Beat Kia brings a new beat to the global auto industry through its ever-vibrant growth.
Like a beat of music that touches your heart, Kia strives to make your life richer every day.

Brand Slogan

Kia will show you the power to surprise with dynamic and exciting experiences that go beyond your expectations.
The Power to Surprise

Brand Values

Best Global Brand In 2015, Kia came in 74th place on Interbrand's ranking of 100 'Best Global Brands' with estimated brand value of US$5.7 billion. Our position in the ranking has been on the rise since 2012 when we debuted in 87th place, followed by a rise to 84th place in 2013. Our customers around the world have been the driving force behind our ascent up the global brand rankings.
Brand Values Graph