ALL in smALL Picanto

Kia’s stylish A-segment city hatchback features a range of dynamic and visual improvements to maintain its competitiveness

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  • Bring new colour to life
  • kia picanto Highlights All-New Front and Rear Bumper
  • updated steering wheel

Sporty package

kia picanto Highlights Sporty package

  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper
  • Radiator grille
  • 15-inch alloy wheel


  • includes 6-speaker, mono-TFT LCD screen, My Music Bluetooth integration, radio, CD and MP3 players
  • Locking and unlocking the doors is effortless,
while firing the engine only takes the press of a fingertip.


  • kia picanto Highlights 2nd row full-folding
  • kia picanto Highlights 60:40 split-folding rear seats

Select a Seat Color

Select the interior trim that will make the Picanto all yours. Create a comfortable, stylish place to share the ride, relax, enjoy music, and explore the city and the world beyond.


kia picanto features Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability
Control (ESC)

ESC reduces skidding to help maintain control in the event you need to brake or swerve suddenly.

kia picanto features Vehicle Stability Managenent (VSM)

Vehicle Stability
Managenent (VSM)

Working in concert with the Motor Driven Power Steering, VSM helps ensure that the Picanto remains stable when simultaneously braking and cornering.

kia picanto features 6 airbags

6 airbags

Six airbags in total, one each for the driver and front-seat passenger, two at the sides, and two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.

kia picanto features Rear parking assist system (4-sensor type)

Rear parking assist system (4-sensor type)

Want to know how much room you have left when you back into a parking spot? As you reverse, audible beeps alert you to the distance
to obstacles behind you. (Optional on EX)

Assist Control (HAC)

We know what it's like when you have to pull away from a standing
start when you're on a steep upward incline.
HAC stops you from rolling backwards.

Stop Signal (ESS)

ESS detects emergency brake application and
immediately activates the brake lights, flashing them
to warn other drivers.


Pretensioners on the front seatbelts limit the body’s movement,
while load limiters reduce the pressure against your body
to protect you from the seatbelt itself.

Lowe stiffeners
for pedestrian safety

The frontal structures are specially designed to reduce potential leg and head injuries to pedestrians. A bumper lower stiffener is an important modification that can help protect the lower legs of pedestrians.


Dimensions (mm)
Kia picanto Specifications Dimension
Unit (mm)
Overall length 3,595 Overhang (front) 700 Leg room (rear) 820
Overall width 1,595 Overhang (rear) 510 Head room (front) 1,002
Overall height 1,490 Interior length 1,729 Head room (rear) 962
Wheelbase 2,385 Interior width 1,335 Shoulder room (front) 1,290
Wheeltread (front) 1,409 Interior height 1,247 Shoulder room (rear) 1,280
Wheeltread (rear) 1,412 Leg room (front) 1,070 Min. ground clearance 152

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

1.2 MPI 1.0 MPI 1.0 FFV LPGI
Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.0 FFV Engine Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.0 MPI Engine Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.2 MPI Engine
* 1.0 FFV is only availablie in Brazil and Paraguay
Kia Picanto Specifications LPGi Engine
* LPGi is only available in Europe.

Engine type
Inline 4-cylinders

Displacement (cc)

Max. Power (ps/rpm)

Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)

Engine type
Inline 3-cylinders

Displacement (cc)

Max. Power (ps/rpm)

Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)

Engine type
Inline 3-cylinders

Displacement (cc)

Max. Power (ps/rpm)

Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)

Engine type
Inline 3-cylinders

Displacement (cc)

Max. Power (ps/rpm)

Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)

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Kia Picanto Exterior 01

Bring new colour to life.

Zipping through the city just got even more exciting. Petite yet plucky, the Kia Picanto is big on fun. And with a new look, a new wheel design, a new colour choice and refreshed interior, it grabs the eyeand keeps you looking on the bright side.

Kia Picanto Exterior 02

Eyes meet. Hearts pound.

The attractive Picanto combines cuttingedge style and youthful energy, any way you look at it. Lighthearted styling gives the five-door Picanto a fun personality. With the charm turned up this high, passersby can't help but stare.

Kia Picanto Exterior 03

A powerful bond.

From every side, you can see how the Picanto's fun attitude fits everything you do. Common sense is part of its style, with wind-cheating contours, a convenient hatch, and citysmart features like four-door accessibility. This is style with staying power.

Kia Picanto Exterior 04

The fun is just getting started

The Picanto is all about fun. While doing all that's demanded of an urban car and more, it makes a statement. It turns heads and lets everyone know: The road is wide open, the night is young, and the fun has just begun

Kia Picanto Exterior 05

Pack a punch, without a hitch

Select a 1.2-ℓ petrol engine or a 1.0-ℓ petrol engine with newly extended low-end torque,then pair it with a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission with improved shift feel. Get big fun from a small package!

Auto light control with escort & welcome lighting

Auto light control with escort & welcome lighting

Optional auto light control automatically turns on the headlamps using the built-in sensors.

LED rear lamps

LED rear lamps

LED rear lamps illuminate quickly and brightly, giving following drivers clear notice of your position and intentions. (Optional on EX)

LED side repeaters  Electric folding outside mirrors

LED side repeaters / Electric folding outside mirrors

Safety driver's-side power window

Safety driver's-side power window

If this optional power window detects an obstacle in its way when in auto-up mode, it automatically moves down again, for safety.

High-mounted stop lamp

High-mounted stop lamp

A high-mounted stop lamp located on the rear window adds to the safety provided by the standard brake lights.

Rear wiper & washer

Rear wiper & washer

A rear wiper and washer help to keep the view clear out the back. (Standard on EX, Optional on LX)



Choose from 13” or 14” steel or new 15” alloy wheels.

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kia picanto interior 001

Feel more comfortable and confident.

Driving the Picanto is more refreshing than ever, with updates to the seat materials, steering wheel and audio system, and fresh chrome accents on the centre fascia, airvents and instrument clusters. Strap in and see where it takes you!

kia picanto interior 002

Room to stretch Room to dream

The Picanto interior offers inviting style and comfort, with new seat cloth design and a deeper style of embossing on the door panel inserts. Once inside, you'll find plenty of space to stretch out and relax in the roomy cabin.

MDPS with tilt steering

MDPS with tilt steering

MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) provides better response at different speed levels, and its tilt function lets you find the optimum steering position with ease.

Kia Picanto Interior Audio remote control & Bluetooth hands free

Audio remote control / Bluetooth hands free

Turn it up, turn it down, switch channels, skip tracks. And do it all while keeping your hands on the wheel with this thoughtful remote control. / Conveniently positioned controls, with illuminated call, end call, and volume buttons, let you use a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile without taking your hands from the wheel.

Kia Picanto Interior Sunroof


A sunroof not only lets the light in, it also adds to the Picanto's feeling of breeziness and fun. And on summer days you can relax in direct sunlight. (Sunroof optional on EX.)

Kia Picanto Interior Temperature control

Temperature control

Climate control lets you set the air temperature to suit your preference

Kia Picanto Interior Supervision Cluster

Supervision cluster

With three cylindrical housings for the dials, the clear, sportylooking supervision cluster consists of speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge.

Kia Picanto Interior Auxiliary, USB connections & illuminated USB socket , Sun visor illumination lamps

1. Auxiliary, USB connections & illuminated USB socket
2. Sun visor illumination lamps

Kia Picanto Interior Storage spaces & rear package tray

Storage spaces & rear package tray

Storage spaces abound in the Picanto. With the rear sets up, a rear package tray offers ample space for bags and purchases.

Kia Picanto Interior Luggage under-floor box & Under-seat storage tray

1. Luggage under-floor box   2. Under-seat storage tray

1. A handy luggage under-floor box is especially useful for items you prefer to keep out of sight. (Note: on LPGi models, cargo volume is reduced by 49ℓ.)
2. Just the place to keep items that fold flat, like newspapers and maps.

Kia Picanto Interior Seat back pocket & Rotating dual cup holder

1. Seat back pocket   2. Rotating dual cup holder

1. Pockets on the back of the front seats can hold magazines and books within reach of back-seat passengers.
2. A click of a button in the floor console reveals rotating dual cup holders.

Kia Picanto Interior Security indicator

Security indicator

A blinking security indicator light positioned on the dashboard helps to deter thieves

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