Inspring Performance MOHAVE

With its strength, comfort, style and functionality it’s born to thrive in
and beyond the urban jungle.

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Kia Mohave V6 engine

V6 3.8 Gasoline engine

Kia Mohave Transmission

8-speed automatic transmission

Kia Mohave Four-Wheel Drive

Four-Wheel Drive


Kia Mohave Airbags

Side and curtain / front airbags

Kia Mohave Air suspension

Rear electronic control air suspension

Kia Mohave Breake Control

Downhill Brake Control

Kia Mohave Assist Control

Hill-start Assist Control

Gallery Seat

Seat Variation

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  1. Partial 3rd row folding
  2. 3rd row folding
  3. 2nd & 3rdrow partial folding
  4. Partial 2nd row & 3rd row folding
  5. 2nd & 3rd row folding

Exterior on 360VR

Snow White Pearl #dfe1e2images/360vr/exterior/SWP/
Clear White #e7e8ecimages/360vr/exterior/UD/
Bright Silver #949898images/360vr/exterior/3D/
Gliittering Metal #474547images/360vr/exterior/K3G/
Temptation Red #7a1d1eimages/360vr/exterior/K3R/
Aurora Black #141414images/360vr/exterior/ABP/
  • Models shown are based on Korean market specification.
  • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.


Two-Wheel Drive & Four-Wheel Drive

Kia Mohave Features 2WD and 4WD | Part Time 4WD (2H), Part time/ Full time 4WD (4L), Part time/ Full time 4WD (4H), Full time 4WD (Auto)
Redefining Safety Inside and Out
Kia Mohave Features Active headrest
Side and curtain / front airbags
Depowered airbag system features dual front, side and curtain airbags which protect occupants in the front, middle and rear seats during side impact or vehicle rollover.
  • Auto light control system
    Visibility during a period of poor light can be a safety concern, so an automatic feature switches on Mohave’s side lights when it senses it is too dark.
  • Rear display room mirror
    The Mohave gives you a clear view with the rear display room mirror. It will display rear images on a 3.3 inch LCD panel located on the ECM mirror for maximum safety.
  • Front and rear parking sensors
    Ultrasonic sensors integrated into the front and rear bumpers warn of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces to make parking both safe and hassle-free.

Conquering the ups and downs

Even on city streets it is essential that a capacious vehicle like the Mohave has the agility to
climb and descend hills and deal with sharp turns.

DBC (Downhill Brake Control)
DBC controls the braking mechanism on steep slopes or downhill conditions,
maintaining a safe constant speed of 8 km/h.
HAC (Hill-start Assist Control)
Using HAC, braking is sustained for two seconds during the brake-to-drive
transition to improve driving stability and prevent roll-back and slipping which
could endanger the vehicle and other road users.
Kia Mohave Features Driven to enhance your safety
Disc brake
Front and rear disc brakes form the 17 inch mass brake system,
alongside electronic BAS (Braking Assist) which amplifies physical braking power. This gives Mohave unsurpassed all-disc stopping capability of 100 km/h to stop in 42.6 meters in Kia tests.
Front suspension
The double wishbone front suspension focuses on the Mohave’s ability
to combat sharp inclines and retain turning stability, providing a firm and comfortable ride whether off-road on on-street.
Rear suspension
Multi-link suspension dampens the shock of rough road surfaces, keeps Mohave stable when turning and maximizes interior space for all-round occupant comfort.

Active safety in any environment

Rear electronic control air suspension
It enables the continuous maintenance of vehicle height regardless of the load and number of passengers. You can manually choose off-road driving mode to elevate the rear to avoid damage to the back end of the Mohave, and loading mode to lower the rear for convenience.


Kia Mohave Specifications Dimension
Overall length 4,880 3rd Row Headroom 965
Overall width 1,915 1st Row Shoulder room 1,530
Overall height (Including roofrack) 1,765(1,810) 2nd Row Shoulder room 1,500
Wheelbase 2,895 3rd Row Shoulder room 1,415
Wheel tread (Front) 1,630 1st Row Legroom 1,060
Wheel tread (Rear) 1,640 2nd Row Legroom 950
Overhang (Front) 875 3rd Row Legroom 835
Overhang (Rear) 1,110 Interior volume 1st Row (litres) 1,675
Interior length 2,660 Interior volume 2nd Row (litres) 1,370
Interior width 1,595 Interior volume 3rd Row (litres) 1,045
Interior height 1,200 Cargo volume Row (litres) 350
1st Row Headroom 1,015 Min. Ground clearance 217
2nd Row Headroom 990 Fuel tank capacity (litres) 82

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

3.8-litre engine 3.0-litre CRDi engine
Kia Mohave Specifications 3.8-litre engine Kia Mohave Specifications 3.0-litre CRDi engine

Displacement3,778 cc

Max. Power274 ps / @ 6,000 rpm

Max. Torque36.9 kg·m / @ 4,400 rpm

Displacement2,959 cc

Max. Power255 ps / @ 3,800 rpm

Max. Torque56.0 kg·m / @ 2,000 rpm

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Kia Mohave Exterior 01
Kia Mohave Exterior 02

Urban charisma

The energy of the city and the demands of the great outdoors bring out the personality of the new Mohave. With its strength, comfort, style and functionality it’s born to thrive in and beyond the urban jungle.

Kia Mohave Exterior 03

City escape

A strong and purposeful front image sends out the message loud and clear: Mohave takes ownership of the city streets. The smooth ride and elevated driving position put you at the head of the pack.


Forward thought

As the Mohave passes by it exudes an air of majestic confidence; a muscular lion on the prowl. Its inner power is never in doubt with its sculpted stance pitched forwards by smooth flowing lines.

Kia Mohave Exterior 05

Take it to the extreme

Be sure about one thing. The Mohave can tame the most extreme elements of nature. This new SUV has been developed and tested on the most challenging terrain to provide a driving experience that takes life off-road. Kia Mohave is born and bred in the Mohave Desert, and has pushed its capabilities to the limit in the harshest environments – and has truly earned its name.

Kia Mohave Exterior Automatic tailgate

Automatic tailgate

The innovative locking system closes the tailgate completely with just a slight push. The sport touch feature of the outer handle also translates into higher customer convenience and easier opening capability, requiring only minimal strenth be applied.

Kia Mohave Exterior High Intensity Discharge - Projection type headlamps

HID (High Intensity Discharge) / Projection type headlamps

The HID headlamps provide more intense clean light for a better view of the road for the driver, and a better view of the Mohave by other motorists. You also benefit from longer-lasting lamp life. (Running change (From Aug in 2008))

Kia Mohave Exterior LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps

Application of these LED Lamps ensures excellent rear visibility, emphasizes the Mohave's luxurious image, and even promotes energy efficiency with longer lasting bulbs.

Kia Mohave Exterior LED repeater

LED repeater

Road safety begins with clear indicators, and none are as clear as on the Mohave. The side repeater is mounted within the wing mirror, providing a highly visible signal. It features LED light for crystal clear vision and longevity.

Kia Mohave Exterior High mounted stop lamp

High mounted stop lamp

Studies have shown that a high mounted stop light is a major contributor to road safety, making your intentions to slow down clearer to other road users. The Mohave's high-mounted LED stop light is located within the tailgate.

Kia Mohave Exterior 06

Take a load off your mind

As you would expect from a powerful four-wheel drive SUV, the Mohave has the flexibility to be a hobbyhorse or workhorse. From towing a quad bike or laden trailer at the rear to carrying a windsurfer board or packed roof box on the roof rails, Mohave makes heavy work look like a breeze.

Kia Mohave Exterior Wheels


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Kia Mohave Interior
Kia Mohave Interior Mood lamp

Mood lamp

The mood lamps located within the door trim provide reassuring interior lighting within the cabin in the dark.

Kia Mohave Interior Sound and vision in unity

Sound and vision in unity

Kia Mohave Interior Cluster


① Analog Cluster
The stylish in-dash gauge cluster is much more than a sophisticated piece of design. It is placed in a way that emphasized simplicity and cleanness, allowing the driver to quickly scan basic information.

② Supervision Cluster
The supervision cluster option puts valuable driver information in immediate view to enable the driver to make optimum decisions.

Kia Mohave Interior Room with a view

Room with a view

Mohave defines a new standard in SUV comfort zones. The interior is spacious and the seating and suspension ensure all seven occupants ride in relaxed comfort, whatever life’s journey has in store.

Kia Mohave Interior 10-way driving seat

10-way driving seat

Kia Mohave Interior Storage


Kia Mohave Interior Second row walk-in

Second row walk-in

The Mohave seating features improved entry into the vehicle’s third row with an easy to maneuver access lever located on the right side of the second row seat. This row also features 60/40 seat back and cushion, full fold flat sliding and double reclining.

Kia Mohave Interior Integrated Memory Seat system

IMS (Integrated Memory Seat) system

Mohave electronically records settings for two different driver seating positions for automatic readjustment of the driver seat, outside mirrors and steering wheel. The steering wheel selects the most recent position when the ACC start button is activated, and the seat moves back 5 cm when P gear is selected to enable easy access.

Kia Mohave Interior Telescope wheel & electronic tilt

Telescope wheel & electronic tilt

The electronic tilt and telescopic steering wheel allows you to adjust its position for perfect driving ergonomics. It forms part of the Integrated Memory System, and retreats for entrance and exit when the engine is off and returns back to its desired position in ACC status.

Kia Mohave Interior USB and AUX and iPod

USB, AUX and iPod Ⓡ

The modern era of sound technology has boosted the popularity of MP3, mobile CD, DVD players and other electronic devices. Mohave ensures you’re prepared with built-in USB and AUX sockets to enable you to take compatible devices on the road with you.

Kia Mohave Interior Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

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