Cadenza has been reengineered with the aim of creating the perfect blend of dynamic styling, blissful luxury and high-tech features.

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Created the stunning high-tech Safety


Artistic Safety system

Blind Spot Detection


Optimal visibility

Adaptive Front Lighting System


Convenience to the limits

Advanced Smart Cruise Control

Numerous features  for convenience ahead of you


Unparalleled Comfort

Rear Armrest Remote Control


Remarkable clarity

7” TFT LCD Supervision Cluster

Exterior on 360VR

Snow White Pearl #f1f5f8images/360vr/exterior/01_SWP_L/
Bright Silver #a2a6a9images/360vr/exterior/02_3D_L/
Platinum Graphite #49474cimages/360vr/exterior/06_ABT_L/
Aurora Black #090b10images/360vr/exterior/07_ABP_L/
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Interior on 360VR

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  • Options might differ by regions.
  • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.


Blind Spot Detection - Radars on both sides of the rear bumper search for vehicles that enter the Kia Cadenza’ blind spot.
Front and Rear Parking Assist System - Ultrasonic sensors integrated into the front and rear bumpers warn of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces to make parking both safe and hassle-free.
Xenon Headlamps with AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) - For optimal visibility when driving at night, AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) works in conjunction with the HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights to deliver a continuously varying beam pattern  depending on vehicle speed and steering angle.
Advanced Smart Cruise Control - A radar sensor at the front of the car monitors the gap between the vehicle ahead. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain a pre-determined ‘safe’ distance and will even bring the vehicle to a complete stop, if necessary.


Dimensions Cadenza
Leg Room Front 1,155 mm Shoulder Room Front 1,475 mm
Rear 935 mm Rear 1,430 mm
Head Room Front 1,015 mm Hip Room Front 1,410 mm
Rear 960 mm Rear 1,395 mm
Weight Curb Weight Lightest 1575 mm
Heaviest 1655 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 2065 mm
Steering Wheel Overall Steering Gear Ratio 14.30
Steering Type Rack & Pinion type
Power Source Hydraulic
Wheels & Tire Wheels Front 7.0J X 17/ 7.5J X 18/ 8.0J X 19
Rear 7.0J X 17/ 7.5J X 18/ 8.0J X 20
Tires Front 225/55R17/ 245/45R18 / 245/40R19
Rear 225/55R17/ 245/45R18 / 245/40R20

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Kia Cadenza Exterior
Kia Cadenza Exterior A Masterpiece of Artistic Expression

Dynamic Intelligence Cadenza

Cadenza has been reengineered with the aim of creating the perfect blend of dynamic styling, blissful luxury and high-tech features.

Kia Cadenza Exterior Dynamic Iitelligence Cadenza

A Masterpiece of Artistic Expression

Understated chrome accents add a splash of sophistication.

Kia Cadenza Exterior an Assertive On-Road Presence

An Assertive On-Road Presence

Striking hood character lines and a fresh interpretation of Kia’s signature radiator grill are accentuated by a sleeker overall front silhouette.

Kia Cadenza Exterior The Pinnacle of Precise Proportions

The Pinnacle of Precise Proportions

Gorgeously flowing side character lines and perfectly balanced proportions give the image of a much larger vehicle and eye-catching chrome side sill moldings complete Cadenza’s dramatic side view.

Kia Cadenza Exterior a Dazzling Look into the Future

A Dazzling Look into the Future

Uniquely designed front and rear lamps with futuristic flair are not only focal points of Cadenza’s innovative exterior styling but are also highly functional thanks to the application of projectiontype high beams and indirect illumination LEDs.

Kia Cadenza Exterior High-Tech Package

High-Tech Package

- Pure leather seats / - Smart key and button start / - Outside door handle pocket lights / - Electronic steering column lock
- Electric folding outside mirror with LED turn signal and puddle lamps / - Rear parking assist system

Kia Cadenza Exterior Fog Lamps

Fog Lamps

Front fog lamps featuring a unique chrome-molded housing and optional LED bulbs accentuate Cadenza’s sporty styling.

Kia Cadenza Exterior Chrome Outside Door Handles

Chrome Outside Door Handles

Stylish grip-type door handles finished in shiny chrome add sophistication to Cadenza’s side view.

Kia Cadenza Exterior Radiator Grill

Radiator Grill

This fresh interpretation of Kia’s signature grill features a black mesh design with chrome-coated trim to create a striking front end design element.

Kia Cadenza Exterior Wheels


Three newly-designed large diameter alloy wheels give Cadenza a sporty and luxurious appearance.

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Kia Cadenza Interior Ultramodern Tranquility

Ultramodern Tranquility

Step inside Cadenza and experience for yourself the perfect harmony between luxurious elegance and state-of-the-art ergonomic functionality.

Kia Cadenza Interior Taking Technology to the Limits

Taking Technology to the Limits

The center fascia serves as the central nervous system for Cadenza’s vast array of high-tech features and is subtly angled toward the driver for maximum accessibility to the controls.

Kia Cadenza Interior Radio CDP MP3

Radio + CDP + MP3

In addition to superior sound quality, Cadenza’s audio system features maximum ease of operation along with CD and MP3 playback capability.

Kia Cadenza Interior Auto Light Control

Auto Light Control

Enjoy fingertip operation of the headlamps, high beam, front and turn signal, while the auto function means you longer need to worry about forgetting to turn your headlamps on or off.

Kia Cadenza Interior AUX, USB and iPod®

AUX, USB and iPod®

Enjoy virtually any portable music source in your Cadenza thanks to built-in audio streaming, AUX, USB and iPod® connectivity.

Kia Cadenza Interior Infinity Sound System

Infinity Sound System

The 12-channel, 12-speaker premium sound system from Infinity features an external amplifier for stunning, concert hall-quality audio reproduction.

Kia Cadenza Interior 7` TFT-LCD Supervision Cluster

7" TFT-LCD Supervision Cluster

Using Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology, the large, high-definition full-color display features precise graphics and delivers a wide range of useful driving information with remarkable clarity.

Kia Cadenza Interior Full-Auto Climate Control

Full-Auto Climate Control

Featuring dual-zone temperature control, the climate control system is also equipped with a cluster ionizer to ensure that air flowing into the cabin is clean and odor-free.

Kia Cadenza Interior Uncompromised Relaxation

Uncompromised Relaxation

We at Kia know that premium sedan buyers place comfort and convenience at the top of their checklists when searching for the perfect car. That’s why we’ve loaded Cadenza with numerous features and amenities like a stylish panoramic sunroof that not only creates a bright and airy environment for occupants but also accentuates Cadenza’s sporty, high-tech exterior styling.

Kia Cadenza Interior Ventilated Seats

Ventilated Seats

Cool air is channeled and discharged through both the driver and front passenger seats via inner-mounted air ducts to prevent perspiration in hot weather conditions.

Kia Cadenza Interior IMS (Integrated Memory System)

IMS (Integrated Memory System)

A smart memory function remembers your preferred driving position and automatically adjusts the 8-way power driver seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors.

Kia Cadenza Interior Overhead Lighting Console

Overhead Lighting Console

Running longitudinally down the center of the cabin ceiling, Cadenza’s unique overhead lighting system is comprised of a large LED mood lamp and twin reading lamps at each end to give the interior an aura of understated elegance.

Kia Cadenza Interior Rear Armrest with Remote Control

Rear Armrest with Remote Control

Folding down between the rear seats for added passenger comfort, the rear armrest also features a dial-type remote knob that controls the audio system and climate control system.

Kia Cadenza Interior Beige & Black

Beige & Black

Both contemporary and classic at the same time, this soothing color scheme is the choice for those who revel in the beauty of nature.

Kia Cadenza Interior All Black

All Black

This one-tone color scheme is the modern and stylish choice for self-confident drivers who sometimes enjoy a bit of dramatic flair.

Kia Cadenza Interior White Special Package

White Special Package

High-tech Package features plus: / - White Nappa leather seats / - Wood grain window switch panel / - Chamude suede headliner and pillar trim/ - Black high-gloss trim

Kia Cadenza Interior 8-way Driver & 4-way Front Passenger Power Seat

8-way Driver & 4-way Front Passenger Power Seat

Electrically adjustable powered front seats offer maximum flexibility for finding the most comfortable seating position.

Kia Cadenza Interior Rear Seat Warmers

Rear Seat Warmers

Back seat passengers can also stay warm and cozy on frigid winter days thanks to 3-step heated seats that rapidly activate with a touch of a button.

Kia Cadenza Interior Driver Seat Knee Extension

Driver Seat Knee Extension

Designed for long-legged drivers, the bottom cushion of the driver’s seat can be extended forward at the push of a button for optimal driving comfort.

Kia Cadenza Interior Power Rear Sunshade

Power Rear Sunshade

A convenient one-touch mechanism lowers or raises the automatic rear glass curtain for better privacy while helping keep the cabin cool on hot summer days.

Kia Cadenza Interior Illuminated Glove Box

Illuminated Glove Box

Cadenza’s large, lockable glove box is fitted with a convenient light to make it easier to find stored away items at night.

Kia Cadenza Interior Heated Steering Wheel

Heated Steering Wheel

Providing reassuring comfort during cold weather, the steering wheel heats up rapidly at the simple touch of button.

Kia Cadenza Interior Rain Sensors

Rain Sensors

Located behind the rear view mirror, intelligent sensors automatically activate the wipers when rain drops are detected on the windshield.

Kia Cadenza Interior Auto Defog System

Auto Defog System

Sensors detect any condensation that forms on the inside of the front windshield and automatically turn on the defogger for maximum visibility and safety.

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